The Workflow Add-On – Increasing Efficiency and Accountability

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The Workflow Add-On – Increasing Efficiency and Accountability

As nonprofits, we are result-focused – striving to bring every single client to their desired outcome. We work hard to make sure all our clients receive each and every service that could benefit them, but unfortunately there are instances when a step in the process is missed, either through oversight or lack of training. Enter Workflow, a new add-on developed by Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®). Workflow provides much needed assistance to nonprofits, helping them negotiate obstacles when it comes to service delivery and documentation.

Workflow is simple and easy to use, allowing your agency to track progress with the detail you need to be most effective. This flexible software acts as a safeguard, making certain that each employee at your agency has the tools they need to ensure that all tasks are completed and that clients are getting the full benefit of all your services.

Benefits of Workflow

Among other benefits, Workflow

  • Streamlines data and service documentation and ensures that it is accurate and complete
  • Increases efficiency at the point of service, easing system navigation for direct services staff
  • Saves critical hours spent on training resources by expediting the implementation of new program steps as touchpoints
  • Drives intentionality in service delivery, targeting services to clients who will benefit most and ensuring those clients are receiving all of the prescribed services for their risk level and individual needs
  • Provides increased visibility for individual client data

What is Workflow?

Workflow organizes client services and other tasks into a streamlined procedure designed to optimize client experience while helping staff keep track of necessary tasks. Workflow helps nonprofits identify critical tasks, which are labeled as touchpoints. These touchpoints are then linked together to form a workflow. Workflows are used to guide staff through the touchpoints in the prescribed order, which may vary by client needs or other criteria. Utilizing Workflows will help your staff easily see how much work has been completed and how much remains.

Workflow operates as an integrated addition to your existing ETO® dashboard and enables your administrators to manage outcomes by ensuring that all clients are receiving the most appropriate services and that documentation is complete and timely. Aggregate and specific data are available at the click of a mouse.

Workflow Reduces Training Time

Workflow can help your new staff hit the ground running. As we all know, much training time is spent ensuring that newly hired staff know every step and eventuality in service provision. A lot of training must be completed by new hires in order for them to be able to effectively help clients. Much of this training is to ensure that all new employees know not just how to provide each step necessary for the most effective client outcomes, but know the optimal order to provide the steps. Staff must be well-versed enough in all these steps so that they do not accidentally skip one or more steps and run the risk of having a less than optimal client outcome.

Workflow allows new employees to start active client service without extensive training on following the steps in the process. With Workflow, employees can jump into action with only a little software training. Workflow allows your agency to utilize new staff earlier and more effectively, providing training along the way. With just the click of a button, your new hires can be up to speed on the next step on each client’s journey. Workflow acts as a “cheat sheet” for all your employees, allowing them to glance down at their computer and immediately know which step, or touchpoint, needs to be acted on next.

This translates into less administrative time spent in oversight. Workflow has navigation tools designed specifically for your administrators, allowing for easier and more comprehensive oversight.

Nuts and Bolts – How Does Workflow Work?

Workflow is wholly customizable and easy to integrate into your existing system and onto your employees’ desktops and dashboards. An administrator creates a workflow that staff use to manage the clients in their caseload. In addition to establishing and tracking touchpoints, Workflow can be used to add referrals, schedule appointments, update demographics and other critical tasks. Staff follow the workflow step-by-step to ensure that each client receives all required services. As the client progresses through the workflow, the system automatically checks off each step as it is completed.

Staff and managers have easy access to program and demographic data. Workflow can be used to review an individual’s progress or a program’s completion rate. Workflow eliminates any speculation about where each client is in the program: users can see exactly what a client has completed and what is still left to complete, ensuring the client is receiving program services in full.

Take Your Program to the next Level

With Workflow, your program can be highly intentional in its service delivery and will have the data and documentation necessary to meet compliance needs and demonstrate success. Create unique workflows made up of touchpoints crafted to meet individual client’ needs and ensure your clients the most efficient and effective service provision. Access the ETO® software tab on your main Social Solutions screen and join the movement to maximize services and oversight.

Did you know?

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