Using Data to Grow Your New Nonprofit

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Using Data to Grow Your New Nonprofit

Starting a new nonprofit is an admirable feat — noticing a need within your community and rising to the challenge to make a change is a big deal! One way to grow your new nonprofit’s presence is to utilize social media to get your message out there — both for those in need of your services and those wanting to donate to your cause, but it takes more than visibility to get funding.

It takes data.

Your new nonprofit is in the perfect place to set yourselves up for success when it comes to data. As part of your launch, you should mindfully create a data collection system that will work for you. Making sure you track what funders are looking for when you’re building from the ground up will set you up for success down the road. To learn more about the best data points to track for your nonprofit and how you can track it all, check out our eBook, 3 Must-Read Tips to Start and Grow Your Nonprofit.

In short, tracking data can only benefit your new nonprofit. You can track programs to see how they, and the clients in them, are progressing. Are you having the impact you were hoping for? Maybe as you’re collecting data, you notice that clients respond better to one on one counseling versus group counseling. Once you know that, you can adjust your program to suit those needs. Data is great at showing what is and what isn’t working, and once you know that, you can adjust course as needed.

Once you have all that data, you may wonder how you can turn that into funding opportunities. Your new nonprofit is full of passion to serve your community, and combining that passion with data to tell a complete story is how to move funders towards giving you the capital to make a bigger impact. Part of giving funders a full picture of your new nonprofit is proving that you’re making an impact in your clients’ lives. Having the data to show that a child one of your mentors is working with is improving their grades shows not only are you walking the walk, it’s having a measurable impact.

Using the data available, it’s possible to show that by offering more, you’ll be able to create a bigger impact in the community you serve, and you can show funders where their money is going once you have received it. Sharing that data to keep funders in the loop can encourage repeat donations, and can help spread your message to other potential funding services. Data can help answer questions your funders might have.

Our Nonprofit Kickstart Bundle can help your new nonprofit on the way to greatness! Not only does it include our eBook, 3 Must-Read Tips to Start and Grow Your Nonprofit, which will give you the rundown on all the data your new nonprofit should be tracking, how you can use that data to grow your new nonprofit, and how else you can scale, you get access to a grant application template, giving you opportunities for more funding. Download the kit today.

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Track, report, and assess your organization’s mission! Apricot allows you to track clients, volunteers, services, and more.

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