Three Steps to Maximize Your Small Nonprofit Operations

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Three Steps to Maximize Your Small Nonprofit Operations

Whether you are starting a nonprofit from scratch or you have been running a small operation, it’s hard to know how much you can get done. There is limited time, resources, and staff to go around. And often, small nonprofit leaders have to juggle a lot of tasks.

Even though your operations are small, your organization is still doing important work. Your clients are still getting quality service delivery, so it’s essential for you to maximize the reach, resources, and overall impact your nonprofit has. This will benefit your organization in the present, but it will also help scale your operations going forward. Growth is the goal for small nonprofits, but you need to do whatever you can now so you and your team can set your organization up for the future.

There are many ways to maximize your small nonprofit with the resources you already have on hand – below are three of our top pieces of advice on how to maximize your small nonprofit today.

maxmize your small nonprofit by partnering with your community

1. Partner with Like-Minded People in Your Community

Your community has a lot of people willing to help your nonprofit succeed. The issues your nonprofit aims to solve are also a part of your community, so they will want to dedicate time and money to your organization so it can help more people. Whether they are in the form of volunteers, a charitable foundation, or a local business, utilize your partners as a helpful resource for more hands on deck and more resources at the helm.

You can start your partnership program small by going to a couple of local businesses and getting a few volunteers to help your organization and then grow it from there. Along with the immediate help, you are also getting exposure to the rest of the community through word-of-mouth. The key to having successful partnerships in your community is to continuously communicate your nonprofit’s successes and struggles to them. It’s important to keep your lines of communication open so your supporters can easily partner with you and help your nonprofit delivery even more mission.


2. Utmaximize your nonprofit with social mediailize Social Media to Spread Your Mission

Speaking of keeping your lines of communication open, use social media to further your outreach. There’s no denying that social media has taken over the mainstream. You can use that for your mission to keep your community informed in real time. It’s another task to add onto your already-full plate, but it’s something that will pay off in the long run. Many people engage more often on social media than with any other form of outreach. Use that to your advantage and keep your audience updated, make appeals for donation, or encourage people to come volunteer. The possibilities are endless with social media. Make sure you are utilizing it as a tool to maximize your small nonprofit.


3. Implemmaximize your small nonprofit with case management softwareent Case Management Software

One of the simplest – and most beneficial – things you can do for your organization is to implement a case management solution. Many small nonprofits rely on manual processes to get their important data. These manual processes, namely Excel and Google Docs, require of a lot of labor and time. Like we’ve already discussed, those things are hard to come by. With the help of case management software (ideally one with a robust reporting system), you can save the countless hours that would be spent on collecting data and apply them where they’re needed most – your clients.

You will maximize your impact because you will be committing more time to your service delivery, helping more people and affecting more lives for the better. Funders will see what you’re doing and you’ll be able to give them proof of your impact through your solution. A case management solution true a one-stop shop that will take your operations to the next level.



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