The Importance of Connection in a Crisis

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The Importance of Connection in a Crisis

In a matter of weeks, we have seen the unprecedented COVID-19 virus sweep the world, bringing with it a staggering number of cases and tragedies as well as an all-encompassing sense of uncertainty and disruption to everyday life. And, as with any other crisis, emergency or natural disaster that we’ve seen in the past, organizations across the social good sector have shown up in a big way. But this crisis is different from any we’ve faced in recent memory. It is more challenging than ever for nonprofits and public sector agencies to stay connected with their colleagues, partners, and funders – and with the people they serve.

In fact, a recent research report from Charity and Foundations (CAF) America found that almost all (96%) of the 544 organizations surveyed are experiencing a negative impact of the pandemic and have taken steps to address the coronavirus-related challenges. Another survey by Mission Capital found that nearly 80% of social sector organizations are experiencing a disruption of services to their clients or communities. Nearly two-thirds of CAF America respondents report that they are working remotely and have suspended some of their client-facing programs. At the same time, 64% of organizations have reported they are researching ways to innovate their operations, which shows the sector’s openness to adapt in the face of adversity. Even still, a common goal across the majority of the organizations surveyed by CAF America is an attempt at maintaining operations to the extent possible to continue providing their core services. And despite the difficult challenges organizations are experiencing, almost all respondents (90%) continue to serve their communities.

But you know this all firsthand. You’ve been living it.

Disruption to business, as usual, isn’t easy to manage under any circumstance, and a full-scale pivot of your operations and the way you deliver programs and services may be the biggest disruption your organization has had to navigate in its entire history. What’s especially amazing, though, and what we admire in the many nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies we work with across the social good landscape, is that you’re meeting disruption and challenge with creativity and a relentless drive to stay connected across your teams and with the people who depend on your programs and services.

After all, connection is at the core of the work to drive social impact. Connection among staff and colleagues to stay aligned in pursuit of your mission. Connection with funders and partners to take a collaborative approach to maximize the outcomes that matter. Connection with your clients to understand the people and communities you serve.

Connection is at the heart of everything you do.

Even though the ways you are connecting across teams, funders, partners, and clients may be different than they were just a few months ago, the importance of connection itself has never mattered more than it does right now. Being willing to adapt amid disruption is half the battle, ensuring you have the right tools to support your operations and service delivery in a way that is remote yet connected is the other.

At Social Solutions, our goal is to empower nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies like yours with data solutions that can help you accelerate and measure your impact – and that remains true in good times and bad. Our robust, cloud-based case management and outcomes tracking software can help your staff safely manage cases, send direct messages to participants, simultaneously run reports for funders, and continue delivering services and creating an impact while remaining mission uninterrupted. Plus, our software comes loaded with Connect – a tool that enables secure, two-way communication and form tracking – so your organization can keep connected with the people at the heart of your mission, even from afar.

We are by your side through this crisis – and we’ll remain connected with our clients across the social good landscape long after it subsides.


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