Targeted Case Management: The Next Revolution in Case Management Services

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Targeted Case Management: The Next Revolution in Case Management Services

Targeted Case Management Services

According to Pennsylvania’s Health Information website, targeted case management (TCM) is any “direct assistance to adult and children consumers of the behavioral health system, including problem resolution, advocacy and referral to other appropriate services.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

That definition sounds very much like the definition of general case management.

Medicaid, on the other hand, uses this term in a completely different manner. In a Congressional Research Service report on the Medicaid Targeted Case Management (TCM) benefits, it is clarified thus:

Case management services assist Medicaid beneficiaries in obtaining needed medical and related services. Targeted Case Management (TCM) refers to case management for specific Medicaid beneficiary groups or for individuals who reside in state-designated geographic areas.

So essentially, at least when used by Medicaid, TCM has to do with providing case management services to specific “target” populations. When used by other organizations, however, targeted case management is often used to indicate personalized case management or just used as an alternative name for general case management services.

Why Does Targeted Case Management Matter?

Whether the phrase refers to targeting individuals or populations is less important than the fact that this is part of the personalized medicine revolution that is going on in society today.

Social services providers at all levels are starting to recognize that a one-size-fits-all case management solution is outdated. Instead, by using targeted case management, case managers are starting to think in terms of solutions that are specific to the needs of the individual or group they are serving.

Benefits of Personalized Case Management

  • Provides case management processes and solutions that are appropriate for the patient
  • Allows for integration of the needs of individuals
  • Enables modifications based on outcomes analysis
  • Creates program flexibility
  • Gives case managers greater creative control over their process


Tools for Crafting a Targeted Approach

Of course, this level of highly personalized case management would not be possible without the new software tools that enable care providers to more easily manage their case management data.

Having a solution in place, such as Social Solutions ETO software, makes it possible to streamline the management of information regarding program participants and efforts made.

When gathered over the course of a given period, data can display trends and highlight information that can be applied to enhance the success of organizational missions. Furthermore, very specific data can now be gathered which can greatly increase the chances for success of any individual program participant.

Without these new tools, case management service providers would simply not have enough data to be able to effectively customize their approaches while still guaranteeing outcomes.


The world of case management is changing, and the shift towards an outcomes-based approach means that personalizing case management services is becoming more important than ever. By personalizing the inputs to the needs of the individual or population who is being served, the outputs can be greatly improved, resulting in better services across the board. It is no longer enough for a one-size-fits-all case management solution. In the 21st century, targeted case management is the name of the game.

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