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2016’s Shocking Homelessness Statistics

Later this month, The San Francisco Chronicle will lead an effort to flood the Bay Area with stories and news reports on the city’s homelessness crisis. Working with local television, print, and online news outlets, this coordinated effort will create a wave of coverage about this pressing issue, hopefully forcing the public and area politicians to …

Homeless Management Information System – Time for an Upgrade?

A recent news story focused on the struggles of a nonprofit trying to help the homeless in St. Augustine, Florida. Despite having funding, they were struggling to serve their clients. They found that the combination of the highly specific nature of HUD funding and the scarcity of housing in the area is making providing housing to those who need it a …

Secure Funding for Transitional Housing Programs

Need Funding for Transitional Housing Programs? Strategies That Deliver Results Safe housing is one of the most basic needs, right next to food, water and clothing. But, for many vulnerable populations, like survivors of abuse, recovering addicts, and ex-prisoners, providing transitional and emergency housing often requires more than just four walls …
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