5 Surprising Case Management Software Benefits To Help Transform Your Nonprofit

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5 Surprising Case Management Software Benefits To Help Transform Your Nonprofit

When it comes to managing data, nonprofit professionals often expect to use a combination of spreadsheets, paper files, and expensive software. They assume, from experience, that reports will take hours or even weeks to complete. Worst of all, there is a fear that client data is neither secure nor easily retrievable.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. New, completely integrated database options have raised the bar for what nonprofits should expect from their software. Continue reading to learn about five of the most surprising benefits to using Apricot Software™, a case management software solution.

1. Apricot customers save an average of eight or more hours per week when entering data and reporting.

What could your organization do with an extra month (or more) a year? Apricot makes it possible. New automation features make importing data and running reports incredibly quick and easy. For example, you can import all existing data into your new system without having to enter it by hand. Most importantly, you’ll be able to spend more time helping your participants and less time doing paperwork.

2. One database system inexpensively and safely addresses your nonprofit’s data collection and reporting needs.

Nonprofit organizations no longer have to pay to build, maintain, and integrate different databases. With Apricot, one comprehensive system tracks and manages all staff, client, and funder information, while keeping it secure with enterprise-class encryption. Even if you have a small annual operating budget, you can still access efficient and safe data collection, analysis, and storage.

3. If you can use email, then you can use Apricot.

New users say they are most surprised by how much support they receive and how easy it is to build forms. Most nonprofit users and administrators are astounded that they have a case management software solution that can generate the reports their funders need in minutes (rather than weeks). There is also a form-builder starter pack that can be easily customized, even by non-technical staff. Apricot was specifically designed to accommodate users with a wide range of technical expertise.

4. Apricot is designed and built based on our experience with over 4,000 nonprofit customers.

Feedback from nonprofit customers impacts how our engineers select new features. Automated emails, multi-language characters, and electronic signature collection are just a few database features that were added based on customer requests. We welcome collaboration with our nonprofit customers and opportunities to grow with each organization.

5. Apricot provides instantaneous, real-time results for nonprofits.

All views and reports in Apricot are updated in real-time, totally customizable, and can be searched for in any field or form. After publishing a form with just a few fields, you can immediately use the form to create records. From there, you can immediately begin querying those records with the report builder. There is no lag time waiting on forms to publish, or waiting for reports to recognize that there is data in the system. This is especially important if you have many staff members entering data as they work with clients – new information will immediately and automatically be pulled into all relevant reports.

Is your organization ready for a case management software solution? Do you think Apricot will be a good fit for your organization? Find out today, by contacting one of our Mission Representatives to learn more!

Did you know?

Apricot’s reporting platform allows you to create and share reports securely within the system. Reporting happens in real time so that you can monitor results and be responsive when it matters.

Did you know?

With Apricot, your data is right at your fingertips in a cloud-based solution that gives your organization freedom from paper files, spreadsheets, local hardware, and monthly maintenance downtimes.

Did you know?

Apricot is hosted on a best-in-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment so your data is secure, backed up, and compliant. User-based permissions and audit trails further enable secure access to data.

Did you know?

Apricot allows you to easily track volunteers as well as clients. Utilize guest user modules and webforms to further engage your constituents.

Did you know?

Track, report, and assess your organization’s mission! Apricot allows you to track clients, volunteers, services, and more.

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