Social Solutions Expert Spotlight: Chaz Hanna

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Social Solutions Expert Spotlight: Chaz Hanna

We’re excited to begin our team spotlight series. Inside of Social Solutions, we work every day to help people transform lives. Today, we’re featuring Chaz Hanna! Chaz Hanna is a Training Operations Coordinator at Social Solutions. Working from the Baltimore office since October 2015, he brings his passion and energy to his colleagues and Social Solutions’ customers. Chaz embodies Social Solutions mission to help people transform lives.

What were you doing before joining Social Solutions, and how were you first introduced to the organization?

Before I joined Social Solutions I was an inner city public school teacher in Baltimore. I taught elementary school for a year and loved every minute of working with the students, working with the parents, and trying to make a difference in the lives of the students that I taught. I knew then I had a passion for teaching. I also volunteer at my church teaching middle-schoolers and high-schoolers in my church community.

I was first introduced to Social Solutions through a friend of mine who described the work Social Solutions does with non-profits and government service agencies. I was really curious about the company, and as soon as I saw the opening for the Training Operations Coordinator position I jumped on it. Working with non-profits in a teaching capacity really appealed to me.

Tell us a bit more about your role at Social Solutions and how your work specifically impacts your customers.

As a Training Operations Coordinator, I spend my time working with our customers in both our virtual and in person classroom environments where I get to teach them how to use our software products.

Getting to teach them how to use the software really gives me the ability to hear their stories, and I can have an impact on the organization because effective use of the software means they’re better able to serve their community.

When I’m not in the classroom, I help develop our training curriculum and work with our other departments to ensure our customers’ needs are being met. I also periodically meet with customers one-on-one to better determine what it is they need in a training environment to better utilize our software.

Can you tell us about the work environment at Social Solutions?

Teamwork is definitely emphasized at Social Solutions. We set team goals and there is a lot of camaraderie. Recently we did a competition across the different functional teams to see who could come up with the best values-oriented video. It was great getting to see the creativity of all the different teams across our Baltimore and Austin offices.

In addition to teamwork, we are all committed to helping people transform lives. Our commitment to our mission elevates us to the next level, ensuring that our customers are taken care of and provided with excellent products and services.

Speaking of transforming lives, I’m curious to know what do you like most about working directly with your customers?

It’s one thing to work with somebody to explain to them “oh you can use this feature to do this or that,” but it’s a whole other thing to be doing an in-person training and explain how the features and uses of our software will help them be more effective in their work and ultimately impact more lives.  You get to really see their eyes light up when they see how what I’m teaching them will allow them to be more effective in their work and better serve their communities.

Can you share what you’ve learned from your time at Social Solutions?

Before Social Solutions I had very limited experience and very limited knowledge of the nonprofit world. In my job, I’ve been exposed to the amazing work our customers are doing across the non-profit sector.

I’ve also learned the importance of thinking of your job as a mission. Interacting with clients almost every day definitely helps me maintain that perspective, but we do such a good job of communicating our mission that even those within Social Solutions who don’t interact with our customers regularly still know the importance of their work. Focusing in on our mission motivates me to be the best version of myself every day when I come into work.

You received an award based on your commitment to Social Solution’s mission. Can you talk about that a little bit?

The values award was for Passion. I was nominated by my colleagues who recognized that I have passion for training customers on our software and for working with our customers.

But honestly, in my mind I wonder why I received the award because I think ‘well everybody else is passionate about their work… what sets me apart?’ I don’t think about this job as something that I have to do, but rather something that I get to do. It’s a privilege to serve our customers and to provide them with the knowledge they need to better use our software and ultimately have a greater impact in their own communities.

What else would you like to share about Social Solutions?

I’m not an outlier. Social Solutions is filled with people who are just like me. Which, again, is why it was surprising to get the award that I did because to me everybody else has that same level of passion. And we all come to work knowing that we get to help make an impact in the lives of the people our clients serve by delivering a product that helps them be more effective and have a greater impact. We help organizations and people transform lives.

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