Small Nonprofit, Big Mission: Ways Organizations Can Make a Real Difference on a Budget

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Small Nonprofit, Big Mission: Ways Organizations Can Make a Real Difference on a Budget

Whether your nonprofit is starting out small or you have been operating on a shoestring budget for years, small organizations know what it’s like to make the most of what you’ve got. Nonprofits of any size often have to get creative with allotting expenditures and effort, and small nonprofits are under even more pressure to maximize their time and resources. From effective reporting to a streamlined social media campaign, here are some ways that small nonprofits can achieve big things.

Get Online and Get the Word Out

A professional-looking website contributes positively to the image of your nonprofit’s credibility, so set aside a little money for this worthy pursuit. Buy a domain name for cheap and get started. You can create an “About Us” page to talk about your mission; tell your story and provide updates on your blog; add reports that show your progress, your outcomes, and your goals; and even give visitors ways to donate or contact your organization.

Maximize Your Social Media

Speaking of the Internet, interaction on social media outlets is some of the best free press a nonprofit can get. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can all expand your audience, build your brand, and even drive donations when used correctly. Focus on visual storytelling, updating followers on recent and upcoming events, and alerting followers to ways they can get involved with your mission.

Take the Time to Reach Out

As a small nonprofit, you know that any resources you have deserve big credit. Write and hand-sign notes to thank donors; send personal emails to supporters; or feature hard-working volunteers on your blog, your newsletter, or your social media pages. Your supporters will feel like they are part of your mission, and that can make all the difference when it’s time to get involved.

Show Your Work

Potential donors and volunteers want to know what your nonprofit is doing to make a difference. To help them along, you need to do more than just hope they’ll take your word for it. Before they commit, they’ll want to know how you’re achieving your goals, what your impact is, and the kinds of projects you plan to execute. Get prospective staff or other supporters on board by giving them the facts they want. You’re already generating outcomes reports, so why not repurpose your outcomes reporting data into a resource page or visual aid?

Grow Your Staff’s Knowledge Base

There are tons of free opportunities out there for nonprofit staff professional development. From webinars to training sessions to meetups with like-minded professionals, learning how to improve the way your organization operates may be easier than you think. Expanding your knowledge base can help you grow as a nonprofit, and help your staff contribute more effectively to that growth. Here are a few free resources you can use to get started.

Share Your Story

Are you part of a small nonprofit that is making a big impact? Click here and share your story with CTK’s blog to tell us about the ways you are making a difference on a small budget.

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