How ETO Can Secure Your Organization More Funding

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How ETO Can Secure Your Organization More Funding

It’s no secret that nonprofits need funding to operate, but did you know that you can use our software, Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO®) to secure even more of it? ETO is an incredible tool that allows large, enterprise-level organizations and government agencies to collect and report on data effectively in order to secure essential funding dollars. In the competitive funding atmosphere that organizations are currently in, the ability to track efforts and outcomes is a primary concern. But a close secondary concern is that the systems they use to track efforts are efficient, functional, and easy to use. ETO has all of that functionality and more.

But, before we get too far into ETO, let’s talk about the types of funding that are available to your organization. While there are many varieties of funding available to nonprofit organizations, we are going to focus on two major categories, according to Scott Johnson, and what each one looks for when they are distributing funds.

Federal Funding – Federal funding programs come in many varieties, and yet they all share some important similarities. The interest from federal agencies in the past decade in the activities of social service organizations is a huge boon to the sector. Without federal prioritization of the services our organizations provide, it is very challenging to enact meaningful social change. And yet, federal agencies also have their own priorities, some of which may at first seem at odds with the priorities of other agencies and local organizations.

And yet, federal funding programs are not really at odds with good organizational practices. The recent focus on evidence-based practices is actually beneficial for nonprofits for reasons that we will discuss in more detail below.

Nonprofit Grants – The other major stream of nonprofit organization funding includes grants from non-government organizations, such as family, private and community foundations as well as from individuals. While these may, on average, have less strict funding criteria and may well run the gamut in terms of philosophy, they too are leaning more towards rewarding solid evidence-based practices and focusing increasingly on data.

So, when thinking about the types of funding available to you, you may be wondering how ETO can empower your organization. That’s simple – its features, functionality, and flexibility are second to none in the social services space. We have built ETO to collect, manage, track, and report on data easily so you can devote more time to delivering mission. But, when it does come time to apply for grants, ETO makes it easy to hone in on your data and find the points that matter and report on them quickly. Your data is the key to gaining more funding – and with ETO, your data is at your fingertips, allowing you to be data-informed and data-driven.

Let’s go over some of the functionality and features that are included with ETO that can contribute to getting your organization or agency more funding:

Case Management and Service Planning

Track client data, program enrollments, cases, service planning, and delivery in one place

Compliant, Best Practice Configurations

Utilize pre-built models to save time, ensure compliance and manage to outcomes

Configurable Dashboards

Gain end-to-end views through configurable dashboards

Workflow, Approvals, and Alerts

Ensure program fidelity and streamline processes through workflow, alerting and digital signature features

Flexible, Dynamic Form-Building Tools

Configure forms inclusive of time-saving data validation and conditionality features

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about ETO, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a demo today! We’re eagerly standing by to hear more about your organization and to highlight the ways ETO can help you deliver service more effectively!


Did you know?

Apricot’s reporting platform allows you to create and share reports securely within the system. Reporting happens in real time so that you can monitor results and be responsive when it matters.

Did you know?

With Apricot, your data is right at your fingertips in a cloud-based solution that gives your organization freedom from paper files, spreadsheets, local hardware, and monthly maintenance downtimes.

Did you know?

Apricot is hosted on a best-in-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment so your data is secure, backed up, and compliant. User-based permissions and audit trails further enable secure access to data.

Did you know?

Apricot allows you to easily track volunteers as well as clients. Utilize guest user modules and webforms to further engage your constituents.

Did you know?

Track, report, and assess your organization’s mission! Apricot allows you to track clients, volunteers, services, and more.

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