fbpx Webinar: Building With Intention and Reporting Results

Setting Expectations, Building With Intention, and Reporting Results

With the end of the year and the start of a new one ahead of us, the information that you are capturing today will help you meet funder requirements, prove results, and make decisions for the future.

If your organization is similar to The Women’s Center of Tarrant County, you understand the burden of board presentations and cumbersome funder reports coupled with the desire to drive positive change.

Anthony Hogg, Director of Evaluation and Reporting, will discuss the journey The Women’s Center went through to identify and build out a software solution that has gotten them to where they are today: with staff at all levels comfortable and competent in the system, reports that require minimal administration, and data that they can trust and rely on.


Anthony Hogg is the Director of Reporting and Quality Assurance for the Women’s Center of Tarrant County and the Operations and Reporting Manager for Jewish Family Services of Greater Dallas. He is the ETO administrator for both organizations and works closely with Admin and Directors to submit reports too funders, develop new programs in ETO, and train staff. Prior to working with these organizations, Anthony worked for Social Solutions as an Advance Support Consultant and prior to that he was the Lead HMIS Administrator for the Tarrant County Homeless Collation. Anthony help transition Tarrant County, close to 20 homeless agencies, from their previous HMIS Vendor to ETO.


Diana Parks is the Product Marketing Manager at Social Solutions. She conducts research on public policy and nonprofit and public sector market needs to inform product development. She also works closely with ETO and Apricot customers to highlight their stories, experiences, and successes. Prior to joining Social Solutions, Diana worked for Maryland’s Department of Public Safety, ensuring equal access to services for all inmates and patrons regardless of primary language spoken.