Pillar 2: Taking Flight – How to Institute Disciplined, People-Focused Management

When Juan started working as a WINGS leader—i.e. after school instructor—for elementary school children, manager Cheryl Hollis quickly realized that he needed to improve in four out of five skills critical to success. WINGS for kids weaves a comprehensive social and emotional learning curriculum into a fresh and fun after-school program, teaching children how to behave well, make good decisions, and build healthy relationships. Juan’s behavior didn’t t the bill.

We wanted to expand, but only if we were going to make an impact on the kids, and we needed to know why we were making an impact on the kids. We dug deeply, got down to the nuts and bolts of our program model, and found out what worked. Now we have a solid roadmap to follow.

Bridget Laird, CEO
WINGS for Kids

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