Q1 Blog Recap

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Q1 Blog Recap

Did you miss any of our blogs from the past couple of months? If so, don’t worry! Check out our Q1 blog recap below. Check out the blogs to learn how to start and grow your own nonprofit organization, how to combat funding uncertainty, how to optimize your volunteer management strategy, and more!

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Vision 21 - Upgrading your VOCA database technology with Vision 21 grant

Vision 21 Grants – Upgrade your VOCA Database Management System

The Vision 21 initiative is in place to provide victims’ services foundations with real, sustainable change. As a result of the initiative, the OVC has created grants for victim services organizations to use to further support lasting change in the space. What did the initiative find and how can you utilize the Vision 21 grant opportunities to upgrade your organization’s technology systems? We answer these questions and more!


Create Your Nonprofit Story & Build Support for 2018

What do you want your nonprofit organization to accomplish in 2018? Are you trying to ramp up production, better prove your impact, or simply keep the doors open? No matter what you’re trying to achieve with your mission, you’ll need to convey your goals in a clear, concise way. And what better way to lay out those points than with an impactful nonprofit story? We know that creating a story may seem a little unorthodox, but stories are powerful tools that will help you gain more support for your mission.


How to Reconcile Duplicate Nonprofit Software Systems

There are times when organizations have two or more systems in place that need to track the same information. There are a lot of reasons for that. No matter what the reason is, however, it’s always a hassle having two separate systems that need the same information for you to do your job, especially if they don’t communicate effectively with each other. So, how can you cope with the duplicate systems? Find out in this blog!



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cloud-based technologyWhy Your Nonprofit Organization Should Utilize Cloud-Based Technology

Nonprofit technology is the center of any data-driven nonprofit organization. It allows organizations to track and standardize data, report on outcomes, and prove impact better than ever before. And while having nonprofit technology in place is a great start, many organizations can take even more steps to get their mission to the next level. And one important way to do that is to implement cloud-based technology.

4 components of case management - social solutionsFour Key Components for Successful Case Management

There are four key components within this definition that make up successful case management: Intake, Needs Assessment, Service Planning, and Monitoring and Evaluation. Human service organizations of all sizes require the correct implementation of each of these four components in order to ensure client success. This blog goes into why these four components are so essential to case management.

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Apricot’s reporting platform allows you to create and share reports securely within the system. Reporting happens in real time so that you can monitor results and be responsive when it matters.

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With Apricot, your data is right at your fingertips in a cloud-based solution that gives your organization freedom from paper files, spreadsheets, local hardware, and monthly maintenance downtimes.

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Apricot is hosted on a best-in-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment so your data is secure, backed up, and compliant. User-based permissions and audit trails further enable secure access to data.

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Apricot allows you to easily track volunteers as well as clients. Utilize guest user modules and webforms to further engage your constituents.

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Track, report, and assess your organization’s mission! Apricot allows you to track clients, volunteers, services, and more.

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