Looking Back: Top 5 Nonprofit Blog Posts from January to March 2019

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Looking Back: Top 5 Nonprofit Blog Posts from January to March 2019

Can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way through with 2019? Time marches on, but now is a great time to take a look back at what we’ve learned in the past. If you missed any of our nonprofit blog posts from the first few months of the year, you’re in luck! 

From team exercises to break down silos to generational giving to data-driven storytelling, these top blog posts from January through March 2019 are a great resource. Check them out below! 

 Team Exercise: 5 Questions to Break Down Nonprofit Silosnonprofit silos

Data plays an important part in how your organization is run, but oftentimes, it can be hard to connect dots. When you look at one piece instead of the full picture, you isolate data, leaving gaps in your overall service delivery thanks to nonprofit silos. A good habit to get into, as practiced during the Journey Towards Outcomes Excellence session at Impact Summit 2018 led by Josh Gohlike, is to ask questions to ensure that your outcomes are comprehensive and align with your mission. Read more >> 

Predictive Analytics For Nonprofits: Change for The Bettepredictive analytics for nonprofits

Nonprofits are sitting on a treasure trove of data. Each piece of paper tossed into a filing cabinet has the potential to transform into an actionable insight. But what do we do with this data once it’s gathered? How do we create value? And how do we transform data into information that will not just inform but also preempt the behaviors we need to make? Data science, and more specifically predictive analytics for nonprofits. Read more >> 

Generational Giving: Improving Donor Engagement and Fundraising – Part I

Generally speaking, each generation (and the people within each generation) acts, thinks, and feels differently from one another. With that in mind, outreach to each group should not be a one-size-fits-all effort. This two-part series will first focus on getting to know each generation and analyzing their giving patterns. Then, we’ll take a deeper dive into how nonprofits can use that information to speak to every generation of donors. Read more >> 

Data-Driven Storytelling for Nonprofits: Five Tips Your Organization Needs

data-driven storytelling for nonprofits

Data-driven storytelling allows organizations to demonstrate their impact with more color and tangible proof. It’s the difference between saying, “We help low-income kids graduate,” and, “We helped 20 high school students graduate and go to college this year. And of those 20 students, 15 got a full ride to the college of their choice.” Read more >> 

Sharing Some Big News from Social Solutions and Ballmer GroupBallmer Group

Today, we’re thrilled to share a major milestone thanks to our investment from Ballmer Group: Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) will officially be the first district to participate in our data-sharing initiative. This partnership will allow KCPS and local nonprofits to collaborate by sharing program insights to provide 360-degree support for the students they serve. Read more >> 

What were your favorite nonprofit blog posts? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to give us a follow to always stay up-to-date with the latest nonprofit news, tips, and best practices!   

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