A Brand New ETO TouchPoints: New Standard Features with a Modern Look

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A Brand New ETO TouchPoints: New Standard Features with a Modern Look

Big news! The features Portal and IntakeAlerts, Workflow, and Electronic Signature will now be included in your base instance of ETO. That’s A LOT of added functionality at no added cost to your ETO instance! Wondering what these features are and why this is such a big deal? Let’s take a look.

Portal and Intake

intake formWith Portal and Intake, organizations have a new channel to attract new applicants and can now empower clients to manage their services.

The Intake feature is particularly valuable for non-profits looking to simplify their sign-up process and connect clients to the services they need sooner. For example, Intake can be used at community events to capture new registrants more quickly and efficiently or a form can be posted on the web so clients can sign up for services from a computer at the library, on their phones while commuting to work, or from the comfort of their own home. Portal empowers clients to sign into their accounts (created with their Intake information) and manage their services or update their personal information (for example, completing permission forms or providing an emergency contact). Portal and Intake are immensely beneficial to both nonprofit professionals and clients seeking services.


Workflow saves organizations time by automating the steps it takes to capture critical information about a client, meaning no information gets left behind. With Workflow, staff are guided through steps (checkpoints) in a prescribed order, which may vary by client needs or other criteria. Staff can then manage to outcomes by ensuring that all clients are receiving the required services and that documentation is complete and timely. This significantly reduces the need for training, since the automated nature of Workflow teaches staff process best practices. Because these processes can be configured based on client criteria, services can be tailored to the needs of the client, delivering the most appropriate services for every individual.


Alerts keep staff organized and on-task. Upcoming and overdue tasks are proactively sent to users via dashboards and/or email to ensure key steps aren’t forgotten or missed. With urgent tasks prioritized and finished quickly, staff members become even more effective outcomes champions.

Electronic Signature

With Electronic Signature, rather than printing documents, signing, and uploading back into ETO software, this feature allows clients to sign documents directly within ETO. Users can sign with a signature pad, mouse, stylus, or using a touchscreen device such as a tablet. All records are saved within your ETO instance and you’ll never misplace an important document or form again.


A New Look for ETO

In addition to these four awesome features, ETO will be getting a whole new look this March. With a refreshed, modern user interface (UI) and the new features we just mentioned above now included in your ETO instance, it’s time to say hello to the better-than-ever ETO! These updates aim to help you and your organization streamline internal processes while maximizing your outcomes.

ETO’s UI upgrade includes a left-hand navigation menu and modern gray and white color pallet. The new navigation menu has the same trusted features and tools you’ve been using to help your participants. It just looks better! These updates make using the software more intuitive and user-friendly, meaning less time in front of a computer training users and more time in your communities.

When this UI update goes live, you will have the option to toggle back and forth from the old UI to the new UI with the click of a link. Take a look at the updates in the short video below!

This UI upgrade along with Intake and Portal, Workflow, Alerts, and Electronic Signature are now all included at no added cost in your base instance of ETO to help you and your organization better manage outcomes and expand your reach.

Are you a current ETO client and want these features today? Contact your Account Manager.

New to Social Solutions and want to see ETO in action? Contact us to request a demo!

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