Three Keys to Improving Your Program Effectiveness Evaluation


In case you haven’t noticed, we spend a lot of time focusing on outcomes around here, and with good reason. Times are changing, and funders are looking for proof that their funds are creating the change they were intended to foster. But even if your organization is already on board with an evidence-based approach to program effectiveness evaluation, there is always room for improvement.

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The Current State of the Social Service Delivery System

Social Service Delivery System

The effectiveness of social services may not actually be controlled by the social service organizations.

That may sound ludicrous, but it also may be true.

Social services are dependent upon a social service delivery system which is largely defined by public social policy, and unfortunately, current policy may not line up with effective service delivery.

Keep reading to learn about current policies affecting the social service delivery system and how it can be improved.
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Targeted Case Management: The Next Revolution in Case Management Services

Targeted Case Management Services

According to Pennsylvania’s Health Information website, targeted case management (TCM) is any “direct assistance to adult and children consumers of the behavioral health system, including problem resolution, advocacy and referral to other appropriate services.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

That definition sounds very much like the definition of general case management.

Medicaid, on the other hand, uses this term in a completely different manner. In a Congressional Research Service report on the Medicaid Targeted Case Management (TCM) benefits, it is clarified thus:

Case management services assist Medicaid beneficiaries in obtaining needed medical and related services. Targeted Case Management (TCM) refers to case management for specific Medicaid beneficiary groups or for individuals who reside in state-designated geographic areas.

So essentially, at least when used by Medicaid, TCM has to do with providing case management services to specific “target” populations. When used by other organizations, however, targeted case management is often used to indicate personalized case management or just used as an alternative name for general case management services.
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Managing the Challenges of Social Work Case Management

Social Work Case Management

Social work case management is a particularly challenging field. It requires as understanding of many different types of case management all rolled together in one. As a result, many social workers complain about the amount of time they have to spend properly handling the documentation and management of their cases, and they lament how this takes them away from spending adequate time with their clients. As a result, this can be an incredibly frustrating model under which to operate.

However, with the advent of new programs and services to help ease the burden of client tracking, social work case management no longer has to be so challenging. Read on to learn how you can integrate a new system in order to lighten your case management load this year.
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How to Improve Your Case Management Assessment Process

Case Management Assessment

The case management assessment is the first step in the case management process and truly sets the stage for the entire journey. This journey can vary widely depending on the outcomes of the assessment and the type of services required by the individual who is being assessed. However, most organizations only devote a limited amount of attention to this part of the process. They may have a form which standardizes some of the intake proceedings, or they may just rely on the case manager to ask the right questions to accurately assess the client’s needs.

Such a haphazard methodology of case management assessment needs to join the rest of the case management process in the modern era, and with the right tools and technology, this is a problem which can easily be addressed.

Read on to find out what your organization needs to improve their case management assessment process.
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