Moving from Checkbox Compliance to Impact Reporting

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Moving from Checkbox Compliance to Impact Reporting

When it comes to victim and survivor service nonprofits, are you ready to make the leap from checkbox compliance to impact reporting? Read on to learn about why it’s time to make the leap and what you need to make it happen.

You know firsthand when it comes to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) and other funding sources, victim and survivor service nonprofits have their hands full with compliance and reporting requirements. Increasingly, though, staff at organizations like yours are looking at ways to move beyond checkbox compliance and into the era of impact reporting.

What do we mean by checkbox compliance vs. impact reporting for victim and survivor service nonprofits?

Checkbox Compliance: This is where you and your colleagues are (likely) spending more time than you’d like collecting data points from around the organization – tallying numbers, filling in field after field to manually or semi-manually complete compliance and reporting obligations. In this scenario, you’re working to check your compliance boxes and not going very much further – either because you don’t have the time or the systems to dig into additional insights and analytics.

Impact Reporting: This is where you optimize your approach to completing compliance and reporting requirements. You invest more time and resources into uncovering new insights from your complete universe of data. In this scenario, you are setting your organization up to be able to track and measure outcomes and impact in a variety of ways, so that you can build meaningful insights and stories about the ways you are transforming victims’ and survivors’ lives.

Why should you make the leap from checkbox compliance to impact reporting?

  • You’ll save time on your HUD and VOCA reporting.
  • You’ll make space to discover new insights from your data.
  • You’ll gain a richer picture of each client, increasing your ability to align the right services to each need.
  • You’ll set yourself up to build more meaningful impact stories that can support a wide array of fundraising efforts.

What do you need to get there?

A comprehensive system that can ensure your data – whether at the individual, family, program or organizational level – is secure, accessible, and centrally organized. And that system is AVS by Social Solutions.

AVS can help you make the leap from checkbox compliance to impact reporting with support across the entire data management process:

  • Client intake: With AVS, you can easily record information using simple-to-follow pre-built forms.
  • Needs assessment: AVS includes a Goals Assessment form so that you can easily assess a client’s needs and align them with the right services.
  • Service delivery: With AVS, you can easily enroll clients in programs and track progress so that you build a full understanding of each client’s individual needs.
  • Collaboration: AVS makes it easy to compare results across individuals, caseloads and programs so that you can make decisions about how to improve and advance toward goals.
  • Compliance and reporting: AVS includes pre-built and always current templates that make HUD and VOCA reporting easier than ever while giving you the ability to create custom reports for internal decision-making and for fundraising efforts.
  • Outcomes management: AVS enables you to understand your impact with a modern approach to data and analytics, helping you to take your services to the next level as you seek to change your clients’ lives.

When you activate your ability to move from checkbox compliance to impact reporting, you can save time, gain deeper insights about your clients and programs, and build more meaningful impact stories that can help you secure new funding streams.

With AVS by Social Solutions, you can make the leap.

If you want to learn more about how we are helping victim and survivor services organizations make the leap from checkbox compliance to impact reporting, connect with our team today to see AVS by Social Solutions in action.

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