Measuring Outcomes for Co-occurring Disorders

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Measuring Outcomes for Co-occurring Disorders

As nonprofit agencies providing services to clients with mental health diagnoses and substance abuse issues know all too well, these disorders often go hand in hand. Although in the past, mental health disorders and addiction problems were often treated separately, integrated treatment is now widely considered best practice.

When tracking outcomes, it is important to be able to show how your interventions are impacting clients, but it is also critical to show how your efforts are affecting each disorder when your clients present with co-occurring disorders. Grantors are no longer satisfied with assurances that we are doing all we can, they want hard data showing progress in the form of measurable outcomes.

As we all know, data collection and evaluation can feel overwhelming when juggling the many responsibilities that working in social services brings. The current needs of funders can feel paralyzing – how do we serve our clients and track the data our funders need? The answer lies in Social Solutions ETO software.

The Solution to Your Outcome Measurement Needs

With a simple dashboard, ETO software is the answer to all your data collection needs. ETO allows your staff to easily track clients’ progress through a series of customized interventions, called touchpoints. Touchpoints can be tied to specific outcomes, as well as to specific disorders, when working with clients with co-occurring disorders.

Data collection has never been easier and outcome measurement has never been more exact. This flexible software acts as a safeguard tracking all the touchpoints, so that nothing is ever omitted or forgotten and clients receive the full benefit of your programs. System navigation is a breeze for front-line staff, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on client service.

Freeing up front-line staff is only one of the many benefits to ETO software. Administrators will have less time taken up by oversight and antiquated data collection. Instead of laborious data collection and evaluation, you can look forward to producing reports, including graphs and charts, with the click of a mouse. Both individual and aggregate data can be compiled in a number of formats and displayed for maximum effect.

Not only does this give you a number of tools to wow potential funders and grow your budget, it allows you to drive intentionality in your service delivery. You can target mental health and substance abuse services to those clients who will benefit most and ensure those clients are receiving all of the prescribed services for their risk level and individual needs.

When working with clients who have co-occurring disorders, the task of tracking the efficacy of various interventions used to be cumbersome at best and impossible at worst. ETO software is ideal for tracking each client’s progress through your program’s comprehensive treatment plan. The ability to zero in on each touchpoint in the client’s workflows and differentiate between the effects on the co-occurring disorders will help you identify those interventions that produce the best results under each set of circumstances.


Social Solutions ETO software can help catapult your agency up to the next level. Your program can be highly intentional in its service delivery and will have the data and documentation necessary to meet compliance needs and demonstrate success. This formula leads to more comprehensive and effective services for clients and more ability to compete for monies critical to maintain the highest level of front-line service.

Interested in learning more about how ETO can help take your organization to the next level? Contact one of our solutions specialists today!

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