Meaningful Engagement – Making Your Interactions Mean Something

Meaningful Engagement – Making Your Interactions Mean Something

meaningful engagementWhat does meaningful engagement mean and how can it help your nonprofit? How does your nonprofit currently engage with your audience? Not just in the way you talk to them face-to-face, but through the media, social media, and community outreach? While face-to-face communication is the most ideal way for a nonprofit to interact with their target demographic, organizations need to also think about their communication as a whole and how it’s perceived. So, after doing that, what are the results?

Meaningful engagement can take many different forms, but at its core, it’s making each interaction count. This can be as simple as as handing out a flyer or addressing someone of social media. It also helps when talking to people seeking your service. How can your organization start implementing this new communication strategy?

Here are some tips to ensure that every interaction you have with your audience is meaningful, every time:

  1. Be personal with your communications to everyone

    • When you’re speaking to someone in person or on the phone, you refer to them by name, right? Adopt that strategy into your electronic communications. This means going that extra step and leading the engagement. Actually listening and being attentive to what they’re saying is a great first step to this. We know, you do listen. But, now it’s time to put everything yo learn about them from your conversation to good use.
  2. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up

    • Once you’re done talking to someone, always follow-up with them. It can be as simple as an email, text message, or phone call. Following up with stakeholders leaves a positive impression on them, letting them know that they are top of mind (and while you’re at it, make them top of mind!) It’s always nice for someone to ask a follow-up question unprovoked, so implement that into your communication strategy.
  3. Have a consistent message to make your meaningful engagement more powerful

    • Having consistent messaging not only builds consistency and confidence in your organization, it also gives a great base for your day-to-day communications. Once you establish your message and your brand, you need to use your communications to reinforce them. Brandraising allows you to create a standard message to give to the public. Everyone is tasked to position the message in the same way, so there’s no confusion or misunderstanding. Communications get easier, so engagement is able to come in sooner.

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Communicating with intention is the best way to ensure constant engagement with your constituents. Make sure to actually talk to them, not just at them. This way, your organization stays on message by being more empathetic to their needs and also by having genuine feedback from the people you’re helping. Meaningful engagement, at the end of the day, gives your nonprofit organization more of an impact in the community. Once you begin to actually talk and engage with the people who need you must, it builds trust and credibility.

Performing regular meaningful engagement exercises into your operations can ultimately boost the interacts with the people and communities your organization is trying to help. Making sure that you approach every situation with in the most positive, meaningful way, will help your organization gain more insight into how you can help individuals in need and quicker engagement into your programs.