Introducing the 2018 Impact Award Winners

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Introducing the 2018 Impact Award Winners

Social Solutions is excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Impact Award! The Impact Award is given to organizations who exemplify what it means to be a data-driven nonprofit organization. We’re thrilled to share their stories and help bolster their efforts in their service delivery for their communities.

The STAR Project

the star project

The STAR Project’s mission is to help people successfully reintegrate into the community as productive, contributing members upon being released from incarceration. They operate in Walla Walla and Columbia Counties in Washington State, providing tremendous positive impact for men and women in the criminal justice system. Using Apricot database software, STAR agents log individual client interactions and stay up-to-date on each of their clients’ reentry plans and progress.

When asked about what winning the Impact Award meant for the organization, Executive Director Becky Turner explained, “it’s big! I was pleased to announce it to the board – they were thrilled! I’m excited because we’re able to put the Impact Award to the greatest need – our clients. “The STAR Project will be putting their award towards client transportation, which will help them take advantage of as many services as possible.

Deaconess Nurse Ministry

deaconess nurse minstry

Deaconess Nurse Ministry‘s mission is to promote the health and wellness to the Greater St Louis region through our professional registered nurses providing holistic health care. Nurses provide health assessments (blood pressure, pulse, respirations, body temperature, oxygen saturation) and evidence-based health assessment tools, individual or group education, health counseling and educational support, case management and referrals.

“[Winning the Impact Award means] for us that we are on the right path with what we are doing to not only record our data but demonstrate our work,” said Donna Smith-Pupillo, Executive Director. “For us, that means we’re on the right journey… we have made an impact with being able to demonstrate our effectiveness by using a cloud-based computer system that we chose, implemented, and customized.”



CitySquare utilizes ETO to fight the causes of poverty through service, advocacy and friendship. They develop sustainable partnerships that provide support and encouragement so that all can achieve their full potential. They provide services to those in need from their main campus in Dallas, TX to the surrounding 19 counties.

What does winning the Impact Award mean for CitySquare? “For us,” explained Wendy Abel, Outcomes Manager, “it means the work that we’re doing around data is headed in the right direction. It will help show CitySquare staff that they’re a part of something bigger than just putting data into a system, but knowing what the outcome is.” We’re thrilled to hear that the Impact Award helps CitySquare validate their decision to invest in data and outcomes.

Congratulations to the winners! These organizations are data superstars, ready to take on any challenge, project, deadline, or grant application. Social Solutions is thrilled to honor their commitment to data and using it to create a bigger impact.

Did you know?

Apricot’s reporting platform allows you to create and share reports securely within the system. Reporting happens in real time so that you can monitor results and be responsive when it matters.

Did you know?

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Did you know?

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Did you know?

Apricot allows you to easily track volunteers as well as clients. Utilize guest user modules and webforms to further engage your constituents.

Did you know?

Track, report, and assess your organization’s mission! Apricot allows you to track clients, volunteers, services, and more.

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