Impact Summit Day 2: Workshops to Improve Data in Every Nonprofit

Impact Summit Day 2: Workshops to Improve Data in Every Nonprofit

Impact Summit 2018 is in full swing, and Day 2 has brought more great conversations! Between live demo sessions and workshops about ETO and Apricot to our Executive Q&A, there have been a lot of great stories and information to share!

The Q&A with our executives gave attendees the opportunity to get their questions answered by our company’s leadership. The hour was full of great inquiries about the future of our company and its products. Within the next five years, our executives aim for Social Solutions to be building bridges that connect outcomes to dreams and new realities for the people you serve, according to Matt Kraft, Vice President of Engineering and Cloud Operations. We want to provide the software that enables those realities, and for us to be data leaders. As stated in the panel, nonprofits are all trying to help people, and we’re aiming to connect you through software so that you can make more of an impact.

The Best Practices Workforce Panel brought ETO clients together to discuss their use of the software. Led by ETO power users from Goodwill San Antonio and the Jewish Family Services of Greater Dallas, the session served as a forum for people from all kinds of nonprofits to share their success stories that could help other’s pain points. Clients learned how they can make the most of alerts to follow up on the lifespan of service, the barriers on data collection, and how to avoid common mistakes when implementing their systems. Having frontline staff break things can prove incredibly useful – building something that fits your staff’s needs and daily work makes sure you get the most out of your software.

We’re two days in, but Impact Summit is not done yet! We still have a day of interesting conversations ahead. Tune in tomorrow at 8:45AM CT to our livestream of the Keynote given by Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO and Co-Founder of the Ballmer Group here.

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