5 Ways Modernizing Case Management Technology Can Help Your Government Agency

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5 Ways Modernizing Case Management Technology Can Help Your Government Agency

5 Ways Modernizing Case Management Technology Can Help Your Government Agency

At work, how often do you have to fight with clunky, outdated technology? You know, the systems that barely crawl along, where all you can do sometimes is hope that you will be able to do your job today? We hear about this a lot from our friends in the public sector. Government case management systems are often slow, ineffective, and out-of-date.

But there is a solution – upgrading your case management tools! There are a ton of benefits to today’s technology offerings for the public sector. And these benefits are so great, the government is even putting money behind them, though the MGT Act’s funds for government agencies upgrading technology. There’s no better time than the present to bring your government case management system. Here are the benefits of modernizing your systems:

  1. New Public Sector Case Management Systems are More Secure

Security of your case management system and the constituent data it holds should be mission-critical. Legacy systems, especially as they age, have vulnerabilities. If you track or retain data about people, security is critical. You do not want your agency to be hacked!

Your software should constantly evolve to stay ahead of security threats. Newer, cloud-based government case management tools are built for this, constantly updating to stay ahead of data security best practices.

  1. Improved Data Sharing Practices

Do you have to share data with other team members, programs or locations within your agency, or even with other agencies altogether? If so, you should take advantage of interoperability features available in modern government case management software.

For example, using the data in your system, one program you run (such as SNAP benefits) could qualify someone for another program (like subsidized housing). And all this happens without needing to process the same case management, intake, and other income twice.

  1. Reduced Manual Processes for Your Team

Public sector agencies often oversee large groups of constituents, and every interaction requires an update to your data. This adds up quickly. How many cases does each person on your team handle each week? How much time does that add up to in aggregate? Could a better, faster system improve your agency’s day to day?

Reducing manual processes with case management software increases your team’s efficiency. Service delivery, team inputs, and data aggregation can be simplified, allowing your agency more time to do their jobs. Ultimately, this saves you time and money.

  1. Avoid Costly Data Errors

In a world of everchanging requirements for funding from both federal and state agencies, the ability to verify that your data is accurate, current, and complete is more important than ever. Plus, changes in political administrations mean that the data your agency is reporting on now might not be relevant in the next few months! With new case management technology, adjusting to any renewed requirements becomes much less of a headache

The main way to stay ahead of these requirements is to pay attention to any changes in laws or funding regulations, of course. But this can be extremely difficult with an inflexible, outdated system. Pulling data in a different way may require excessive hours from an IT or development team. In modern government case management tools, though, data is readily available at your fingertips, and can be configured for whatever reporting needs you may have. With updated technology, you can have the data you need to report to any funder agencies, as well as to keep track of your own results, any time you need it.

  1. Better Technology Leads to Better Processes

Who are the biggest stakeholders in any government case management software? Your staff! Old software makes data entry a pain and lacks critical features and functionalities. If your agency is using an outdated case management system, your staff might be at their wit’s end.

When you decide to upgrade and modernize your tools, consider your staff and how they do work every day. Identifying key stakeholders – those most impacted by the successful implementation of any software – is the best way to set your agency up for success. Through this process, and with more efficient tools, these stakeholders will help any public sector agency discover better everyday processes to help every team member get the most out of their daily work.

How Should I Modernize My Case Management System?

Modern case management software can help your public sector agency launch into a new era of productivity, job satisfaction, and even financial success. To learn more about how to get started, and even how you might be eligible for funds from the MGT Act, check out the MGT Act and Public Sector Case Management: 5 Ways to Maximize ROI whitepaper. In it, you’ll learn how you can prepare your agency for success in today’s world.

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