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Five Ways to Get More Funding for Your Nonprofit

Five Ways to Get More Funding for Your Nonprofit

What nonprofit organization doesn’t want more funding? But with the limited amount of money to go around, it’s important to have your nonprofit stand out. It can be a daunting process to apply for grants, so having tips and tricks on how to get more funding up your sleeve makes all the difference.

Below are five easy ways your nonprofit organization can get more funding.

get more funding by using robust reportingBetter, More Robust Reporting

Robust reports are the best tool you can have when applying for grant dollars. More and more, funders are asking for data from nonprofits. The easiest way for nonprofits to display their important data is to pull reports that show change and trends overtime. This way, you can show the impact your organization has on your constituents. You can see your impact at work when you report on your outcomes.


more funding with showcasing outcomesShowcase Your Outcomes

When applying for grants, it’s important to show your organization’s overall outcomes. Outcomes, not to be confused with outputs, are a huge marker of success. While outputs show the individual wins of your service delivery, your outcomes take that information and apply it to your impact. For example, one of your outputs could be “over 2500 children participate in our programs” but the resulting outcome would be “our programs have reduced absenteeism in schools because of X, Y, and Z.” Outcomes are a great way to show your organization’s impact, so when reporting, make sure to find data that can showcase your outcomes.

get more funding by using more impactful storiesFar-Reaching, Impactful Stories

One of the easiest ways to display your impact and outcomes is to highlight them in an impact story. Impact stories are incredible valuable to use when trying to convey your organization’s impact. They rely on the experiences of your clients and how your nonprofit helps them on an individual level. Then, you can take those individual stories and apply them to the whole of your organization. When you combine that with the data your nonprofit is collecting in your reports, your impact stories sky-rocket to a new level of significance with your funders.

get more funding by keeping up with trendsKeep Up with Trends

Keeping up with nonprofit trends is essential to giving the best service delivery you can, which can lead to more funding. One of the biggest trends that every organization should be on top of is robust reporting. Did you know that reporting requirements have increased in the last five years and are slated to increase still in the next? Stay in touch so your organization will never be behind an important trend.


StaGet More funding for your nonprofity True to Your Mission

Your mission should be your defining characteristic. No matter if another organization in your community is providing the same service, your organizations are unique. Make sure that you stay true to your mission because it sets you apart from the rest. The more you can define yourself from the crowd, the better your chances are of catching the attention of funders.



Getting funding for your organization isn’t easy, but we can help you. We recently interviewed funders from across the country asking what they look for when granting funding dollars. Download our Nonprofit Funding Kit today so you can start earning more funds for your organization!

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