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ETO’s Blueprint for Excellence

As Chief Technology Officer (aka Head Nerd) of Social Solutions, I have the great privilege of speaking with a number of our clients – but rarely do I have the pleasure of presenting on our technical plans to a large set of customers, as I did last Thursday. We held a webinar on the performance of ETO Results and the significant investments we’re making to improve the platform. We had great attendance and engagement, with more than 300 ETO users logged in and over 120 questions asked!

We’ve put together a robust plan for improving ETO, a blueprint if you will. If you liken building up ETO to building a house, there are three areas where we’re focusing our efforts:

1) Code Stability

Think of this as the foundation of our house. Stable code that is optimized for how our customers use the product every day is like a solid foundation that matches the slope of the land and meets all the needs of the future floor plan. This was a major focus in 2016 and we achieved strong results:

  •  Better user experience through faster and more responsive features:
    • Improved caching performance by as much as 30%
    • Improved Touchpoint Load and Save performance by 24%
    • Improved Quick Search performance by 19%
  • More reliable application performance through quality initiatives:
    • Reduced defect backlog by over 80%
    • Reduced report timeouts by 90% by balancing the load on the Reporting subsystem

2) Infrastructure Stability

This is the next phase of heavy lifting. Think putting up walls, adding the roof, and wiring up the electricity and plumbing. This is a major focus of ours in Q1, as we’re going to move ETO into a new house at the end of March. Right now our engineering teams are hard at work building that new house within Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon Web Services is the best-in-the-world, secure cloud hosting platform. Many of the world’s biggest companies are hosted on AWS, including Netflix, Spotify, Scholastic, and more. We expect to realize noticeable improvements in ETO performance with the move to AWS, including:

  •  Initial system speeds will improve up to 35%
  •  ~90% reduction in variability in peak vs off-peak performance

And for our ETO Administrators out there, one of the best features of this move is that it will be completely seamless. No change to the login URL, usernames, passwords, or functionality of ETO. You’ll continue to interface with Social Solutions just like you always have, but with better system performance!

3) Architectural Stability

This is the stage when we really pull it all together: paint the walls, decorate, and turn the house into a home. Once ETO is moved in to its new house within AWS we’ll start the process of making a series of improvements to ETO that will further improve performance. One of the biggest efforts will be a major initiative that we’ll communicate more about in the Summer: upgrading Business Objects.

As many of you know, SAP’s Business Objects is the software that powers ETO Results. We are currently on an older version and we’ll be upgrading to the latest version. This will provide a number of benefits:

  •  New Reporting Features
  •  Reporting Performance Improvements
  •  ETO Results will be compatible with Chrome and Firefox

We will communicate more about this in the coming months, including sharing a firm timeline when it is available. In addition, there will be free client webinars outlining the changes and preparing ETO Admins for the update well in advance.

This is just a portion of what we covered in the webinar last week. If you’re a client and missed it, you can reach the full version here.

Finally, I’m excited to share with you that our CEO, Kris Nimsger, and SVP of Product, Mark Ralls, will be doing a company update webinar on March 23rd. Watch your inbox for an invite!

If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook!

ETO Professor Joel Martins

Professor Joel

Joel Martins is Chief Technology Officer of Social Solutions Global. When he’s not guiding the development of our products he can usually be found with his wife and kids or hiding out in a coffee shop with a good book. Affectionately known inside the company as “Professor Joel”, he’s a great explainer of all things software and technology.

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