ETO and Apricot Product Roadmap

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ETO and Apricot Product Roadmap

2020 Product Roadmap

One thing that is incredibly important to the Product Team at Social Solutions is transparency. We’ve received a lot of questions lately surrounding the future of both ETO and Apricot. While we try to host User Groups around the country, it simply isn’t possible to visit every client to talk about new releases. That’s why we wanted to share our roadmap for the first half of 2020. On February 20th John Manganaro, SVP of Product, sat down and gave our users a presentation on what guides the Product Team at Social Solutions. Immediately following, our Product Owners and Managers provided detailed roadmaps on the upcoming capabilities to ETO and Apricot. Check out the videos and some of your questions answered below!

Product Philosophy, Strategy, and Execution for 2020

Webinar attendees reached out with questions during the presentation. A few of the questions were:

What is your engagement in Ontario, Canada?

We try to host six User Groups around the United States throughout the course of the year and split them up geographically as best we can. Reach out to our Product Marketer, Zac Elbel, to learn more about User Group locations and specifics.

When you say potential rollout to “ETO” do you mean “ETO Legacy”, “ETO Touchpoints”, or Both?

Typically, new functionality and capabilities are only released to Touchpoints.

But ETO Legacy and ETO Touchpoints are fundamentally structured differently (in that significant data transformation & migration – both in terms of labor and cost – takes place when upgrading), correct or incorrect?

Yes, you are correct. They are structured differently, and yes there are costs associated with migrating that data.

Can we volunteer to be one of the customers to test the census data?

Absolutely! We love when our users reach out to take part in our pilot programs. If you’re interested in this, please send an email to

When can we expect 100% compatibility for default settings for mainstream browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)?

Determining exact dates in our Product Roadmap can be difficult. However, we are aiming for the end of Q2 (June 2020).

Is there a “suggestions” option available in ETO? I have one that I’d like to submit.

While the suggestion tool you saw on display in the webinar is Apricot specific at this time, ETO also has a section where you can submit suggestions, ideas, and requests. This Article explains exactly how to do just that.

2020 Q1 ETO Product Roadmap

In the ETO Roadmap, we discuss HMIS Assessment Validations, Browser Neutrality, Mobile Compatibility, and Chat & Product Guide functionality.

2020 Q1 Apricot Product Roadmap

In the Apricot Roadmap, we discuss the new Caseload and Mobile Apricot.

At this time, we hope this answers a lot of the questions you have. If not, reach out to to speak directly with someone. We look forward to hearing and answering your questions at the Q2 Product Road Map.

Did you know?

Apricot’s reporting platform allows you to create and share reports securely within the system. Reporting happens in real time so that you can monitor results and be responsive when it matters.

Did you know?

With Apricot, your data is right at your fingertips in a cloud-based solution that gives your organization freedom from paper files, spreadsheets, local hardware, and monthly maintenance downtimes.

Did you know?

Apricot is hosted on a best-in-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment so your data is secure, backed up, and compliant. User-based permissions and audit trails further enable secure access to data.

Did you know?

Apricot allows you to easily track volunteers as well as clients. Utilize guest user modules and webforms to further engage your constituents.

Did you know?

Track, report, and assess your organization’s mission! Apricot allows you to track clients, volunteers, services, and more.

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