What Makes Effective Case Management Software for Nonprofits?

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What Makes Effective Case Management Software for Nonprofits?

Effective case management is an investment — of time, effort, and money. A recent NAPCO study titled Operational Software in the Nonprofit Industry found that 63% of nonprofits use some sort of technology for their case management, whether that be an off-the-shelf platform or a home-grown system. Utilizing effective case management software for nonprofits, organizations can track their programs and the community they serve to prove their impact. However, the sophistication of the technology being used, the study found, plays a role in how effective a nonprofit is at managing cases. 

effective case management software for nonprofits

While the study found that basic technology (spreadsheets, etc.) led to more effective case management versus pen and paper, the study also found that advanced solutions had an advantage over their more basic counterparts. Half of advanced technology users reported that generating reports for any reason was “not all difficult” or “not very difficult” whereas 53% of basic technology users reported having difficulty completing the same task. And with funding, time, and program success on the line, we all know how important high-quality reporting can be! 

Why is reporting so much more difficult and time-consuming for basic technology users? 

Basic technology presents its own blocks for reporting. Manually taking data from a spreadsheet is time consuming, but it also paves the way for human error. Rows of data can be missed when collecting for reporting, important formulas can change during a copy and paste, or it’s possible to have redundant data in your spreadsheet. Simple mistakes will end with incorrect reports, which more often than not work against your organization. 

With more advanced technology, nonprofits find that they can overcome the limitations of basic software. Not only does effective case management software for nonprofits catch redundant data, the software can generate reports at the push of a button. Using more advanced technology eliminates the margin of error, which makes the nonprofits using it more effective. When an organization can more readily access their data, they can make up-to-date decisions, helping make their service delivery more efficient, their grant applications more effective, or their storytelling more impactful. 

Advanced technology has more benefits than making reporting more reliable and efficient. To see all the research and learn about the benefits of effective case management software for nonprofits, read the NAPCO study!

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