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Top 3 Mistakes Made By New Nonprofits and How to Avoid Them

A new nonprofit is the product of a person or group of people seeing a need that isn’t being met and setting out to address that need. Trying to solve a problem within a community is not easy, and how your organization is run on day one will more than likely be different from how it’s being run at the end of your first year. A new nonprofit will …

How to Ascend in the Nonprofit Maturity Model

Now that you know about the stages of the Nonprofit Maturity Model, it’s time for you to know how your organization can solve pain points and ascend to the next stage. It’s not going to happen overnight, but with hard work from yourself and your nonprofit’s leadership, you can get that much closer to high performance. Read our tips below to find …

Nonprofit Maturity Model — Stages 3 &4

Now that you’ve progressed passed the first and second stages of the Nonprofit Maturity Model, it’s time for you learn about the last two. Your organization is rapidly ascending to high performance and it’s essential that you know what to expect. Keep reading to find out about the last two stages of the Maturity Model and why they are vital for …
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