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Social Solutions and Ballmer Group Announce Partnership

Social Solutions is excited to partner with the Ballmer Group to enhance performance outcomes in the social sector. Sign up here to receive regular updates on program details and matching grants that can help bring the power of Apricot software to your nonprofit or public sector agency. Read more about our partnership in Bloomberg.

10 Applications for Apricot Database Software

Sidekick Solutions, Platinum Sponsor of the 2017 Impact Summit, wants to help you make the most of your Apricot database platform, and the Impact Summit last week was the perfect opportunity to share ideas and build community around Apricot. In continuation of the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this year’s Summit, we are thrilled to present …

Nonprofits: Held Hostage…By Spreadsheets?!

Many nonprofits around the world are using manual processes, for example Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets, to capture and report on important client and program data. Capturing data this way can be effective, but it can often bring an organization’s operations to a grinding halt! When your organization feels stuck, your team’s effectiveness …

Data Management – Three Types of Data You Should Be Tracking

Metrics That Matter Most to Your Data Management Nonprofit data matters. This is especially true for small organizations likes yours. Not only does it track performance metrics and other important information, but it tells the story of your impact. Everyone, from all levels of your organization (to the clients you serve), wants to see and know that …