Brandraising: Sticking to your Nonprofit’s Brand Message

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Brandraising: Sticking to your Nonprofit’s Brand Message

ensuring your nonprofit's brand message

Brandraising is a great strategy to use when trying to boost your nonprofit’s voice within your community. Now that you know the importance of reinforcing your nonprofit’s brand message through brandraising and increasing your reach, let’s dive into some tips on how to achieve this. Starting this process can seem a little daunting, but there are ways to effectively ease into this new stage. Here are 4 easy steps to beginning your journey to  effective brand awareness:

Take a Good Look At Your Brand

The first step to reinforcing your brand is to, of course, get a grasp of what it’s about. You know what your nonprofit does, but can you say it in a short and ‘digestible’ way? This can be a lot more difficult than it sounds. While your entire message is important, remember that it also needs to resonate with people. Incorporating every detail of your mission might not be the best course of action. Create a short (1 or 2 sentence), memorable ‘elevator pitch’ that reflects your organization’s mission and goals.

Get to Know Your Community, But From a ‘Marketing’ Perspective

Now that you have your message down, how will your community take it in? The point of this exercise is to set yourself apart from nonprofits in your community with similar missions. For this to happen, you must think about what the people who need your services will be most attracted to. What will resonate with your audience? Going out and getting to know the inner-workings of community is the easiest way to answer those questions. You will find out exactly what people need from your nonprofit and how your mission will fit into that. Since you’re already engaging with your community, take note of common questions and outreach by staff, volunteers and service recipients.  Use recurring points as a means to bolstering your nonprofit brand.

If Possible, Have a Dedicated Staff Member to Work on Brandraising

This is is a lot to ask of a nonprofit with limited resources, but it’s a great way to ensure that your investment doesn’t fall to the wayside. If a nonprofit relies on a few, equally busy case workers or program managers, delivering your mission will inevitably take precedence over branding. This is okay since your mission is important. However, it may cause your brand message to become buried under a mountain of responsibility. Having a team member dedicated to ‘brand messaging’ could immediately ease that burden. This ‘expert’ will give your brand the attention it deserves and ensure it aligns with the organization’s message. If you’re unable to dedicate the resources, it is possible to reflect your brand message through social media conversation.

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Stick to Your Nonprofit’s Brand Message!

Lastly, stick to your message! Determine exactly what you want to say to your community and don’t falter. Make sure everyone in the organization knows the exact message and is dedicated to aligning themselves to it. It not only builds trust, but it also instills confidence with the community and your funders. Consistency is key.
Knowing how to reinforce your brand and starting that process is a huge step to delivering more mission. Daily communications will become stronger which will only strengthen your organization. The process is not easy, but once implemented, the results will be immediate. If you’re interested in learning more about how culture and branding can impact your nonprofit organization, we encourage you to take a look at this webinar!

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