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Discharge Planning Checklist for Case Managers

The Basics of Discharge Planning Case managers and social workers are frequently asked to provide discharge planning for patients who have been receiving mental or physical health care at a hospital or other facility. Effective, efficient, and compassionate discharge planning can benefit patients as well as hospitals and mental health facilities in …

Examples of Evidence-Based Practice

For a long time, clinical practitioners relied heavily on their personal instincts and traditional approaches to practice. But, as technology has improved our ability to collect and analyze huge amounts of complex data, evidence-based practice has emerged as the key to delivering human services that improve outcomes. Evidence-based practice is the integration …

Cut Down on Social Work Documentation

Social Work and Documentation Social work is a profession that carries with it the power to make a difference for individuals, families, and whole communities. Social workers are often those who find satisfaction in helping others find solutions in their lives, promoting social justice, and working to foster well-being at every level. While social work …

What is Assertive Community Treatment?

Communities across the U.S. are increasingly looking for ways to improve mental health services, especially for individuals with serious and severe diagnoses and disabilities. This group not only requires the most intensive clinical treatment and support, but also case management in order to avoid the risks of homelessness, substance abuse, and unemployment. …

Up and Running with ETO: Choice Neighborhoods

The Choice Neighborhoods Data Management The Choice Neighborhoods Program is a part of an interagency partnership between the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Departments of Education; Health and Human Services; Justice; and Treasury. This program supports comprehensive strategies at the local level designed to positively transform …
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