Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Nonprofit Arena

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Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Nonprofit Arena

Rewind 20 years. Someone starts talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). You think they’re a lunatic, but you also begin imagining big, bulky robots inhabiting our universe and taking over the world! (Thanks, Hollywood).

These days, you’re beginning to hear more and more about the capabilities of AI and how it’s revolutionizing the way we do things. Let’s face it: Computers are more intelligent than we are, and these technologies are capable of hosting more data in their brains. Don’t believe me? According to SAS, a leader in analytics, here are six important reasons why AI should not be overlooked:

  • It automates repetitive learning and discovery through data.
  • It adds intelligence.
  • It adapts through progressive learning algorithms.
  • It analyzes more and deeper data.
  • It achieves incredible accuracy.
  • It gets the most out of data.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Fit Into in the Nonprofit Sector?

You’re probably wondering, “This sounds neat and all, but how does this affect what we do in nonprofit?” Good question.

The accessibility of technology and the birth of Millennials has created a new(ish) hurdle for nonprofits: impact. These days, donors want more than, “Here’s our mission, and here’s what we want to do. Please donate. You’ll make a difference.” They want to know what makes your mission different from other nonprofits, and they also want to know how their donation will make a difference—where is that money going and how is your organization using it to achieve your mission goals?

Donors are looking for transparency. AI will give you all the relevant information you need to show your donors that their donations are making a difference. Furthermore, AI can provide your organization with important data about your donors and their giving patterns—and it has the capability to analyze the data and provide you with algorithms to reach optimal giving potential!

Taking Marketing Automation to the Next Level

Donors are also looking to be recognized and to feel that the organization that they are donating to doesn’t see them as just a dollar sign. They want to feel and be appreciated for their contributions—and they should! Creating a personalized message for every single donor can be tedious and time consuming. And I think it can be pretty obvious when a message is formulaic…

“Dear [First Name Last Name],

… Thank you so much for your [donation amount] to [X organization]! You have no idea the impact you’ve made on [nonprofit’s mission]…”

AI can help solve this. As it receives more and more information about each individual donor, the technology can send personalized messages to donors (think: marketing automation). If you aren’t sure of what marketing automation is, it’s software that sends automated messages (email, social media, etc.) to customers, clients, donors and so on. The idea of marketing automation is make communicating with constituents easier, more frequent and less tedious for the organization.

Because AI is possessing human-like intelligence, think about the improvements that it could have on your organization’s marketing automation strategy—better targeted messages and audience segmentation! And, according to TechAspect, AI can help your organization build a better content strategy, segment and target your audience, and select the most effective and relevant visuals.

Already, AI is unlocking a world of possibilities never thought of before, and it’s revolutionizing the nonprofit sector and others as well. Only time will tell where it can take us in the next decade or so… robots taking over the universe? Probably not. A more effective and sustainable way of performing day-to-day business operations? Probably YES.


Nhu Te is editor-in-chief and content director for NonProfit PRO. She is also the editor of DMAW Marketing AdVents. Reach her at

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