7 Key Pillars of a High Performance Nonprofit Organization

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7 Key Pillars of a High Performance Nonprofit Organization

As a nonprofit leader, if you could change the course of your nonprofit programs with simple, yet powerful decision making, would you? We’d wager that the answer is yes. That’s where the Performance Imperative comes in.

The Performance Imperative was created by the Leap Ambassadors’ Community, a group of social sector leaders who have joined forces to inspire already great organizations to achieve even greater social impact. It was designed to target nonprofit leaders and give them guidelines on how to implement change and the tools to make those changes stick for the life of programs.

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Being nonprofit leader that is open and committed to sustainable change is the core of the Performance Imperative because these types of leaders inspire change, growth, and learning in their team, which can only translate to better results for their constituents. And the most successful organizations – those that produce positive client outcomes with consistency – cultivate seven core disciplines.

The Seven Pillars of High Performance

• Courageous, adaptive executive and board leadership

• Disciplined, people-focused management

• Well-designed and well-implemented programs and strategies

• Financial health and sustainability

• A culture that values learning

• Internal monitoring for continuous improvement

• External evaluation for mission effectiveness

The Performance Imperative focuses on what nonprofits can do to transform themselves into “high-performing” organizations by upholding and follow these seven pillars. With each pillar, the high-performing organizations and their leadership teams are tasked with taking a look at their operations as a whole and seeing where improvements can be made internally for better external impact.  This includes looking at outputs and outcomes in tandem and filling any gaps that may be there.

Nonprofit leadership, mainly executives, managers, funders, and board members, utilizing this program passionately push the organization to improve meeting its mission and to reduce costs without compromising treatment quality. They also recognize and foster talent within their organization, knowing know that great talent is a huge differentiator between organizations that are high performing and those that aren’t. Nonprofit leadership that uses the Performance Imperative value using data to analyze and implement change in their organizations.

We will be taking a deep dive into the Performance Imperative, the meaning behind the concept of this program, and what each of the seven pillars of the Performance Imperative actually look like in practice at real nonprofit organizations. With each webinar, you will learn about the journeys of seven high-performance nonprofits that have aligned themselves with one specific pillar and how their organizations have thrived because of them.

7 Pillars of High Performance - Nonprofit organizations

7 Pillars of High Performance – Nonprofit organizations

With this in mind, we have split the Performance Imperative webinar series into two categories, organizational management and effective programs, for you to go through the webinars that closely align with your areas in need of sustainable change.

Organizational Management

• How Courageous, Adaptive Leadership Makes All the Difference

• How to Institute Disciplined, People-Focused Management

• How to Ensure Financial Health & Sustainability in Service for Better Outcomes

• Carrots & Sticks: How to Create a Culture that Values Learning


Effective Programs

• How to Design and Implement Programs and Strategies Well

• From Frontline Workers to the CEO – How to Use Internal Monitoring for Continuous Improvement

• Internal Data is Not Enough: How to Add External Evaluation for Mission Effectiveness


At Social Solutions, we are proud to provide software which supports high performance for nonprofit organizations and to be part of the movement that helps so many of our clients. All of the installments of the expert webinar series are available on-demand. Check them out today and let us know which you liked the most.



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