2016 Blog Recap – Helping Your Nonprofit Get Ahead

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2016 Blog Recap – Helping Your Nonprofit Get Ahead

Happy New Year, everyone! In 2016, we published many great blogs on a variety of different topics, but with one major theme in mind – helping your nonprofit get ahead. Did you miss any of our posts? Don’t worry! We’ve handpicked some of our most popular blogs from the last year for you to read.

From homelessness advocacy and education to nonprofit case management best practices, there’s a wide range of topics that caught our readers’ eye this year. Click through the blogs below to get a glimpse of the hot topics in 2016.

Homelessness Advocacy

homelessness-nonprofit-advocacy2016’s Shocking Homelessness Statistics

What did homelessness look like in 2016? According to statistics, the state of homelessness was more complex and alarming than previously thought. For many cities, solving homelessness is an ongoing challenge that are heavily impacted by these stats.


Special Challenges Among Homeless Veterans

Veterans of U.S. military service are more likely to experience homelessness when compared to the general population of the country. While they make up only seven percent of the general population, veterans are 11 percent of adults who are homeless. If your agency is seeking to end homelessness among veterans, there is help available.


Nonprofit Case & Performance Management Best Practices

3 Unique Case Management Modelsnonprofit-case-management

Different situations call for different approaches to case management. Strong case management practices are carefully adapted to the needs, constraints, and resources that exist within a given context. Building a strong case management approach begins by identifying an initial model that can be adapted to meet the needs of your clients.


Examples of Evidence-Based Practicenonprofit-evidence-based-model

Evidence-based practice is the integration of clinical expertise, patient values, and the best research evidence into the process for serving clients. This post shows examples of how organizations (like yours!) have embraced evidence-based practice and see the positive outcomes that come with it.


Discharge Planning Checklist for Case Managersnonprofit-discharge

Discharge planning checklists are complex and will vary based on the needs of patients and organizations. Effective, efficient, and compassionate discharge planning can benefit patients as well as hospitals and mental health facilities in a multitude of ways.


6 Steps to Nonprofit Performance Management6-steps-nonprofit-management

Developing an understanding of nonprofit performance management and performance measurement could prove beneficial to nonprofit managers. While performance management and measurement appear relatively straightforward, moving to formalize these within an organization requires careful thought.



General Topics

A Divided Mind: Charter Schools vs. Public Schoolseducation-nonprofit

Despite their prevalence, many community members are still unclear about the relationship between traditional public schools and charter schools. This blog focuses on an overview of how each school is structured and how they work. There’s even a Part II!


5 of the Best Nonprofit Annual Reports nonprofit-annual-reports

Creating an annual report can spark important conversations about your organization’s identity, strategy, direction, and purpose. The best nonprofit annual reports condense the reach and depth of your entire organization in a single, tightly crafted document.


nonprofit-program-effectivenessHow to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Program Using Statistical and Practical Significance

Funders are increasing pressure on nonprofits to demonstrate their impacts.  Many organizations, however, have limited evaluation capacity. Given this mounting pressure, it’s easy to understand why many program administrators are seeking guidance on how to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs.


What is Assertive Community Treatment?

Communities across the U.S. are increasingly looking for ways to improve mental health services, especially for individuals with serious diagnoses. Mental health and social services are increasingly shifting away from traditional case management models and moving towards the ACT model.

Are you looking for more? We’ll be tackling many more subjects this year and continue to provide the best resources for your organization. Follow our blog and Facebook to stay up-to-date on our most recent posts, guides and insights. We’ve also released a new guide for the new year, Ensuring Successful Interventions, so check it out!

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