Managing to Outcomes in the
Public Sector

Collect uniform data across providers, report in aggregate,
and have a large-scale impact


ETO® SOFTWARE for the Public Sector is a complete performance management system that helps public sector agencies realize large-scale impact through their work with service providers. Read More...

States, counties, and cities can gain increased visibility into the work and effectiveness of direct service providers, decrease their reporting burden, and improve accountability. They can put in place a system which promotes collaboration among organizations, assess effectiveness at the provider and overall project level, and use the data to improve.

Go beyond simply collecting data from direct service providers. Start using specially-designed software for human services to make a difference on a large scale. ETO can help you achieve your program goals.

Benefits of ETO for Public Sector Agencies:

  • Track client-level demographics, service delivery, and progress toward key outcomes in the same system – and in a uniform way – across service providers
  • Access aggregate reporting across providers in real time
  • Promote efficient collaboration across partner agencies through tools like online referrals and selective data sharing
  • Give direct service providers the tools to maintain fidelity to program models by using real-time data to ensure that services are delivered as designed across staff, locations, and over time
  • Assess the effectiveness of your providers and the overall project
  • Increase accountability and minimize partner/grantee reporting burden
  • Reduce implementation cost and risk by starting with Social Solutions’ performance models.
  • Use administrative data from your performance management system to facilitate less costly external evaluations, including randomized controlled trials



Evaluation As A Tool For Improving Federal Programs

The President’s 21st Century Management Agenda, submitted to Congress with the fiscal year 2010 Budget, set bold goals for building a more efficient, more effective government that contributes to economic growth and strengthens the foun- dations for economic prosperity (OMB 2009a). Today, evaluating Federal programs and interventions to understand their impact, and developing the infrastructure within agencies to support a sustained level of high-quality evaluations, remains an Administration priority.

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