Managing to Outcomes in Nonprofits

With Nonprofit and Social Work Case Management Software

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ETO® SOFTWARE for Nonprofits is a complete performance management solution that supports nonprofits’ needs to spend less time on compliance and funder reporting and more time on ensuring the effectiveness of their services for the people who rely on them. Read More...

Designed by direct service workers for direct service workers, ETO helps measure the incremental progress of your participants, understand the effectiveness of your programs, and demonstrate impact to key stakeholders both quickly and easily. Whether you provide case management, training, support groups, or other direct services, ETO can help you serve your clients more effectively.

Stop collecting data in disconnected systems and spending inordinate amounts of time on compliance and funder reporting. Manage to outcomes and determine the true impact of your programs with specially designed software for human services organizations.

Benefits of ETO for Nonprofit Agencies:

  • Track demographics, service delivery, and progress toward client outcomes for all your programs in one system
  • Increase efficiency by sharing information across staff and programs as appropriate
  • Give frontline staff access to real-time data so they can adjust their approach as needed with individual clients
  • Maintain fidelity to program models by using real-time data to ensure that services are delivered as designed across staff, locations, and over time
  • Aggregate data and assess the effectiveness of your staff, programs, and your organization as a whole
  • Meet multi-funder reporting obligations with dynamic reporting capabilities
  • Reduce implementation cost and risk by starting with Social Solutions’ Initiators.
  • Modify your system internally – without having to rely on Social Solutions – as needs evolve
  • Make external evaluations less costly by giving researchers access to administrative data from your performance management system









Implementing EBP Models

Learn how Evidence Based Practice Models (EBP) can transform your agency’s decision-making process. This free whitepaper breaks down the ways EBP is changing the social services world. So, click the button below to read more and find out how evidence-based case management can help your constituents.

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