Managing to Justice Outcomes

To Achieve Successful Reintegration


ETO® SOFTWARE for Justice is a performance management solution that supports the effectiveness of prevention efforts, reentry programs, victim services, and juvenile justice programs. Read More...

Break the cycle of recidivism – use ETO to make sure those who leave the corrections system reenter society successfully. ETO also supports prevention and diversion programs, juvenile justice, alternatives to incarceration, and victim services. Ensure that services are delivered as designed, and that programs and agencies work effectively together toward positive client outcomes.

Collaborate across service providers, aggregate data, and meet compliance needs and reporting requirements more efficiently. Share data with all stakeholders regularly, impress them with your success, and secure their long-term support.

The flexibility of ETO software meets the needs of nonprofits, cities, counties, and states. We meet you where you are, and as your organization scales and evolves to have more complex data needs, you can – on your own – modify your system to meet them or access our expert consultants for support. ETO grows with you.


ETO for Reentry is an innovative software solution designed to address the complex rehabilitation and reentry needs of state and local agencies.


Ensure streamlined, high quality state- or county-level reentry service delivery across providers working with participants in prison or jail, under community supervision, and in follow-up programming.

Created by our reentry research team and based on best practices such as the risk-need-responsivity principle, ETO for Reentry is inspired by California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Automated Reentry Management System (ARMS). ETO for Reentry is an all-in-one system that encourages evidence-based practices across all service providers, addressing rehabilitation needs through data-tracking.

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The Reentry Initiator is a starter configuration for community-based service providers delivering reentry services both in prison and in the community that can be tailored to meet local management and reporting needs.

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The Center for Violence-Free Relationships

ETO Software enabled The Center for Violence-Free Relationships to identify the success of their programs, particularly the Second Generation Project, a peer-reviewed program that serves children who have been exposed to family violence.

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Data-Informed and Outcomes-Based Programming in Victim Services: Moving from Concepts to Practice

Data collection processes currently used by most victim service providers is cumbersome, time consuming and outdated.Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®) software eliminates these inefficiencies, allowing funders to directly generate reports on VSP data at any time. With ETO software, VSPs responsible for data entry do not have to spend hours generating reports—if the data is in the system, funders can generate reports directly.

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