Measuring Grant-making


Grantee Software: The Gift that Gives Back

For any nonprofit or human service organization, a grant is always a nice gift. However—once it’s given, can a simple “Thank you” tell you just how useful it’s been?  What better way to show how valuable your grant is than with the gift of grantee software?

Keep reading to find out why reporting software is a must-have for all of your grantees, or click here to speak with someone personally about the “gift that keeps on giving.”

Optimizing ETO for case management… leads to real operational efficiencies.

Rachel Albert, Director of Performance and Quality Management
Jewish Family and Children Service

The REAL Report on Reporting

As a grant funder or foundation, you not only invest in programs, but most importantly—you invest in people. To ensure that your funds are spent wisely, you need smarter reporting.

Grantee software uses targeted reporting data to easily provide your philanthropic organization with an accurate assessment of the programs you fund.

By supporting your grantees with reporting software, you’re empowering them with a timesaving tool that develops and enhances their reporting. This helps all stakeholders understand which efforts translate into positive outcomes.

Additionally, you can provide your entire organization with a valuable asset that ensures resources are focused on their intended purpose: helping people and maximizing return on investment.

Take advantage of gaining fast and secure access to accurate information, so you can monitor the progress of the programs you fund. This allows you vision into what works and then strategically direct resources to the greatest benefit with a simple click of a mouse.

Ultimately, grantee software empowers you to measure program-specific efforts and relate them to the intended outcomes.

Social Solutions: Your One-Stop Gift Shop

Finding grantee software is a necessity for funders & foundations, in order to get the proper measure of the performance of the programs & partners they support. The right reporting software will fulfill their obligations in terms of compliance, reporting, and the overall efficiency of their programs.

A recent Rand Corporation study reported that your grantees’ compliance-related tasks divert an average of 44 percent of their time away from their primary service mission.

Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) software by Social Solutions – designed by human services professionals for human services professionals – helps thousands of human services organizations, foundations, and government agencies slash reporting time from months, weeks, or days to minutes.

ETO Software Helps You:

  • Recognize a higher level of accountability
  • Conserve resources and unify collective efforts
  • Boost grantee capacity and impact

Because our reporting software is a web-based suite that captures information seamlessly as the staff works, your grantees can spend more time on their primary mission of service. In other words, we make reporting easier for funders and service providers alike.

Not only is reporting easier, it’s better – we can help you immediately see who’s being served and quickly determine the impact those services are having. Let Social Solutions show you how today.
Learn more about all of our grantee software options below:

ETO™ Impact

ETO Impact is a comprehensive nonprofit management and billing software solution favored by many large and central non profit organizations. This case management system allows you to easily customize intake with flexible demographics, track attendance and identify the needs of each participant, analyze trends, document the daily performance of caseworkers, and prepare detailed reports. ETO Impact is an ideal solution for the growing, medium, and large, central non profit organization.

Other features include: increased flexibility, a stronger menu, further reporting, reimbursement software features, and enhanced nonprofit web software capability.

ETO™ Collaborate

ETO Collaborate is nonprofit software built specifically to support the coordination between various non profit organizations, NGOs, and government agencies.

This grantee software option works efficiently as either a coordinative medical billing software or case management system.

ETO Collaborate ensures that pertinent information is shared across multiple platforms, while maintaining a high level of confidentiality and security. With access to a variety of coordinated agencies, your community of grantees will be sure to receive more comprehensive benefits.


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