Managing to Education Outcomes

With Education Case Management Software


ETO® SOFTWARE for Education is a performance management solution that supports early childhood development, out-of-school time programming, dropout prevention, college access and support, and more.Read More...

Education is about more than academics – make sure children have all the support they need to build social skills, persevere in the face of difficulties, and graduate high school. Help first-generation college students enroll and graduate with a degree, improving their life prospects – and that of future generations – dramatically. Make sure your programs are delivered as designed across staff, sites, and over time, and know that your programs are delivering upon your mission.

Aggregate data across multi-service agencies’ programs or place-based initiatives like Promise Neighborhoods, and show the impact of coordinated services from cradle to college. Satisfy compliance and reporting requirements more efficiently. Share data with all stakeholders regularly, impress them with your success, and secure their long-term support.

The flexibility of ETO software meets the needs of nonprofits, cities, counties, and states. We meet you where you are, and as your organization scales and evolves to have more complex data needs, you can – on your own – modify your system to meet them or access our expert consultants for support. ETO grows with you.







Innovate, Elevate, Scale: Performance Management in Early Childhood Development and Education

This FREE webinar offers valuable insights from within and beyond the Beltway that help illuminate the policy and practice that drive early childhood education and development programs to use data to inform decision-making that fuels identification, replication and scalability of impactful programs.

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