Measuring outcomes is good. Managing to outcomes is better. What if you could make sure that all services are delivered as designed every day, by all staff, in all locations, and to every single client? What if you could use data on incremental progress toward client outcomes to decide how to allocate your resources most effectively?

Ensure high quality, effective services with ETO software, by making data useful to everyone:

  • With client-level data at their fingertips, frontline staff can adjust their approach as needed to help each client move forward.
  • Managers can aggregate data across staff, locations, and programs, and ensure program implementation with fidelity to a model, as well as continuous quality improvement.
  • Leaders gain insights to support strategic decision-making, ensure that programs or agencies collaborate effectively, and drive progress toward agency or community level goals.

We help you produce positive outcomes for your clients – consistently.





Organizational Size. Serving more clients, hiring more staff, adding new programs, or expanding to new locations? Your trained, internal staff will be able to add programs, forms, and write new reports. You don’t need to hire us for every edit.

Evolving compliance and reporting requirements. Your most basic needs to keep track of client demographics, services, and outcomes will always be there, but the specifics are ever-changing. You can modify ETO as your compliance and reporting needs evolve.

Growing complexity of data needs. As organizations grow in size, their data needs grow more complex – most start with compliance reporting, add outcomes management, and finally, invite an independent evaluation of their success. Start where your organization is today, and take the next big leap – or a step at a time – with the assistance of our professional services, training, and support teams. We grow with you.