ETO Collaborate


Working Together to Make a Difference

Collaboratives like Homewood Trust Edmonton are able to analyze and ensure the quality and availability of services across subgrantee providers.

Additionally, ETO Collaborate can be used by providers to measure the incremental progress of program participants, understand program effectiveness, and demonstrate impact to funders and key stakeholders quickly and easily.

When used as case management software, ETO Collaborate can streamline the implementation of human services; it also gives providers the tools to understand and adapt to changing service needs and volume within their communities, through a shared referral and participant information platform.

Listed below are more detailed reasons to invest in ETO software if you’d rather speak with someone personally about how you can demonstrate your efforts and improve your outcomes, click here.

Bridge the Gap with ETO Collaborate

ETO Collaborate non profit software can help bridge the gap between disparate services, programs and organizations aimed at improving their communities through collaboration and data sharing.

When used to its fullest capability as performance management software, the ETO solution will not only ease the technological burdens of data sharing, but can also help communities and collaboratives more effectively manage and continuously improve service delivery.

By connecting the daily efforts of direct service staff to program outcomes, collaborative leadership can work to analyze impact and make ongoing adjustments and quick course corrections.

ETO Collaborate has a robust feature set that meets the needs of participants, staff, management, and leadership with fully customizable intake, comprehensive service records including participant, family, and program assessments, 360° referral management, and a powerful SAP BusinessObjects reporting engine.

These case management software and performance management software features work together seamlessly to provide the most comprehensive software package available today.

Features of ETO Non Profit Software

  • Track and analyze demographic data of participants
  • Referral management
  • Participant need and progress assessment
  • Extensive participant history information
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Identification and tracking of key trends
  •  Monitoring and assessment of program and staff effectiveness
  • Determine which staff, services, programs and efforts are the most effective at achieving desired outcomes.
  • Reporting capabilities that allow for the reporting of multi-funder obligations in mere minutes.

ETO Collaborate non profit software provides your organization with the means to not only meet your goals in providing human services but to expand reach and bolster community service efforts in conjunction with like-minded service entities in your community.

The flexibility of this non profit software is ideal for use in a number of sectors, including Youth ServicesWorkforce DevelopmentFamily ServicesHousingEducationDisabilitiesDomestic ViolenceEmergency ServicesSenior Services and Prisoner Reentry

ETO Collaborate is intended to meet social services software needs of several organizations all at once.


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