United Way of Metropolitan Chicago

United Ways across the country are transitioning from organizations that specialize in human services agency funding, to focusing on impact investing and specific outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. The idea behind impact funding is to support community organizations, to collectively and effectively make progress toward defined goals.

UWMC’s Adoption of Impact Investing

United Way of Metropolitan Chicago’s (UWMC) move from the the role of community chest funder to strategic change agent is an evolving process. They continue to concentrate their efforts on geographically-focused areas based on need, where they support education, income, and health programs, as well as providing region-wide support for basic needs. A focus on data and results helps UWMC make strategic, real-time decisions and maximize their impact for both donors and communities.

One Integrated Grant Management Process


Almost one full cycle (two years) has passed since UWMC began using AFF.

Apricot For Funders has allowed UWMC to centralize all their applications and reporting, strengthening their operations. All grant management — including partner agreements and outcome and financial reporting — is done in AFF. This streamlines data entry and access for agencies and UWMC staff. Internal staff have immediate access to all relevant data, and can run reports without having to contact an administrator…

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