Quality Assurance on the ground: Better Data, Better Outcomes?

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Can a quality assurance team do more than just ensure funder requirements are met? Learn how National Church Residences transformed their QA processes to go beyond reporting the number of people served to proactively ensuring their most vulnerable residents are getting the services they need to reduce ER visits, manage their chronic illnesses, and stay in their homes longer.

Nina Santarelli, Data Manager at National Church Residences, will explain how adopting a new data management system has allowed their team to provide more useful information to service coordinators working with seniors in independent living facilities. She’ll also discuss how collecting and analyzing the most important data has made their QA process more efficient and effective when working with service coordinators who are on the ground. They went from a reactive approach to quality assurance where they only addressed issues as they found them during their semi-annual review to a more frequent, streamlined process where they are using real-time data to proactively solve problems as they arise. As a result, QA managers are able to provide service coordinators the data they need to help their residents “age in place.” Service Coordinators use real-time dashboard data and outcomes management reports to make sure they are on the right track with the residents they serve.

Hear how this transformation has changed not only how the residents are served on the ground, but how it has improved overall program management. Register now!


Nina Santarelli – Data Manager, National Church Residences


Ingvild Bjornvold – Director of Strategic Initiatives, Social Solutions