How People-Focused Organizational Management Makes a Difference

How People-Focused Organizational Management Makes a Difference

The leadership of WINGS for Kids, an organization for children based in South Carolina, needed to change the way it managed its relationships between the clients and the organization. Some WINGS for Kids team members would get defensive in feedback, couldn’t bring down negative energy, and would even get into arguments with the children needing services. This behavior wasn’t helping anyone succeed.

That’s when the leadership team, starting with CEO Bridget Laird, began using disciplined, people-focused management to manage their team members in the most effective way. Since doing that, team members started to embody self-awareness, which brought in self-management and strong relationship skills. All by changing the way they treated interpersonal interactions.

Disciplined, people-focused management enables high-performing organizations, like WINGS for Kids, to:

• Provide clear work plans and offer incentives

• Make data driven decisions

• Recruit, develop, engage, and retain talent

• Allow staff to see themselves in their work

• Establish accountability systems

• Provide room for staff to be creative

• Give continuous feedback

• Make tough personnel decisions

The high-performing organizations and their leadership teams are tasked with taking a look at their operations as a whole and seeing where improvements can be made internally for better external impact.

WINGS for Kids has established accountability systems that provide clarity about the standards for success, while also lending staff room to be creative about how they achieve those standards. There are countless ways for WINGS for Kids leaders to create a fun and fresh environment, while weaving a social and emotional curriculum into their interactions with the children.

WINGS for Kids has found that their first group of students had a 40% higher graduation rate than a comparison group. These results, along with various other factors have led to multiple funders investing in WINGS for Kids’ capacity to manage performance and replicate its programming in other locations. WINGS continues to invest in supporting individual staff performance, and the results prove that it pays off for everyone.

To learn more about Pillar 2: How People-Focused Organizational Management Makes a Difference and WINGS for Kids story, check out the second webinar in our Performance Imperative series.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn how to institute “Disciplined, People-Focused Management” looks like in practice by:

  • • Translating leaders’ drive for excellence into clear work plans
  • • Making data-informed decisions in day-to-day work
  • • Providing opportunities for staff to see how they contribute to the larger mission
  • • Ensuring accountability systems provide standards for success, without sacrificing creativity
  • • Providing continuous feedback, acknowledging when work isn’t done well, providing training and coaching, and making tough personnel decisions when necessary