Is Your Nonprofit Impact Scalable?

Is Your Nonprofit Impact Scalable?

Brave New World

For nonprofit organizations, finding a way to scale is often the avenue to lasting change. In the nonprofit world, being effective is very important — this means more than simply developing a program and using it to meet the needs of a small group of clients. True success lies in reaching many people.

Nonprofits increasing their impact through scaling is an emerging trend. This trend is supported by the many millennials entering the job and volunteer market.

A recent news article, Millennials Are Reshaping The World Of Social Impact, discussed how millennials are changing the face of nonprofit America, and helping change the country and the world for the better. Millennials are now the largest generation in our country, and are working to change both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

According to the article, millennials see the pursuit to maximize impact as the most important part of the social change movement. This shift has come from constantly looking for the next “new” solution. The goal now is to scale the interventions that work to reach a larger population.

Look for millennials to make up more and more nonprofit staffs, boards, volunteers, and funders. Working to scale impact will make organizations more attractive in the future, allowing them to provide more services to clients.

Determining What to Scale

How to Scale Your Nonprofit Impact

Knowing that in order to succeed, you must scale is only the first step. Next, you have to determine what to scale. Which interventions are most effective? Which are most likely to succeed in a broader population? And which interventions will work for others who need your services? In order to scale your efforts, you must know where you are succeeding.

The key to answering these questions lies with efficient nonprofit program management software. With an effective data system, your agency can pinpoint which interventions are bringing about the desired outcomes. Easily evaluate the client bases you are making the most impact on. You can calculate which interventions are giving you the most return on investment (ROI). A good nonprofit program management software holds the key to effective scaling.

Enter Social Solutions

Social Solutions’ nonprofit program management software was created to take your nonprofit to the next level. ETO and Apricot software are both fully customizable, and help you deliver your services more effectively and efficiently.

Not only does Social Solutions offer the software you need to ensure seamless delivery of services, it provides reports in a snap. See your progress on client outcomes and decide how to allocate your resources to maximize impact.

When looking at where you land on the nonprofit impact scale, you need information to move the needle in the right direction. ETO and Apricot software can help you achieve maximum impact. With a combination of freeing up employee time from data entry, to giving you accurate useful information in an easy to understand format, Social Solutions’ software options will help you position your organization for maximum success.


Scoring high on the impact scale is the goal of every nonprofit. You exist to change lives, and ultimately, change the world. Contact Social Solutions today to get help finding the data software management system you need to focus your solutions in the most impactful way!