Advanced Case Management: An Overview

Advanced Case Management: An Overview

Before attempting to implement any new trend in the social service industry, it is important to consider whether it is truly an aid in accomplishing an organization’s mission or whether it is a distraction from the task at hand.  Advanced case management is a new phrase that is appearing frequently, but few organizations have yet taken the time to consider its meaning and its relevance to their work.

Read on to find out what advanced case management is and how it is going to affect your organization’s efforts.

A Definition

Advanced case management (ACM) is a term that IBM has coined to refer to their new case management program, which ties together all the services an organization needs in order to provide case management from beginning to end. Advanced case management includes:

Basically, advanced case management simply refers to any system of case management that gives an integrated and comprehensive 360 degree view of the case at hand. Social services organizations traditionally have not been able to implement this kind of holistic approach, and so this new concept represents a new way of thinking about client tracking. It can also help social workers effectively meet the National Association of Social Workers standards in handling their cases.


Sometimes referred to as dynamic case management, advanced case management allows an organization to execute all the normal functions of case management, such as client tracking, outcomes measurement and quality improvement, and it integrates these all into one software solution.

As we have discussed here on the blog, creating an evidence based practice is important, and the seamless integration of various parts of the service process can help us gain clarity about our outcomes. Additionally, having this type of multi-faceted view for each case can certainly improve client services.


Although the phrase stems from a particular software manufacturer, the truth is that this concept goes much deeper than any specific piece of software. Dynamic case management involves an entirely new way of thinking about how we serve our clients. However, having the right tools can certainly make the process easier. The right tools integrate seamlessly into an organization’s processes and allow access to the most critical data at the exact right time.

Social Solutions case management software, has been acting as an advanced case management solution even before anyone was using the phrase. The secret behind the model is that the software was created by direct services professionals who kept in mind the end goal of helping organizations maximize their impact on the clients they serve.


Advanced case management, rather than being a new technology, is actually just a new way of thinking about how the technology we use integrates with the services we provide. Over the coming years, we are going to see more tools created offering “advanced” and “dynamic” case management functionality.

The key thing to remember, however, is that a solution is only as good as the people who benefit from it. By keeping our mission at the forefront of our thoughts, we will be able to make the decisions and recognize the solutions that are right for our organizations, not just the ones that are popular.

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