4 Nonprofit Templates to Help You Close-Out Your Fiscal Year

4 Nonprofit Templates to Help You Close-Out Your Fiscal Year

The fiscal year-end for nonprofit organizations is just around the corner. Now’s the time for organizations (like yours!) to gather key data and stories from the past year and prove your outcomes. There’s also a need to present this information to your boards, funders, and various groups of external supporters to show your impact. How confident are you in your ability to highlight those impacts? Not sure how to begin to display your nonprofit data in a more meaningful way? We’re here to help! We’ve developed several templates for nonprofit organizations to use (for free!) including annual report, infographics, board slides, and press release. These nonprofit templates are designed with your busy schedule in mind, so all you have to do is insert your information into each document.

At the end of every fiscal year, nonprofits are tasked with presenting their data in multiple, equally meaningful ways. Whether presenting the past year’s successes to staff, the board, or to your supporters in the public, the way your organization displays impact to your audience is essential for them to completely understand your data. And how your audience digests this information is important to how they will support your organization in the future. When your audience understands your data, your organization opens itself up to more support – and funding – for years to come.

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1. Impact Press Release Template

nonprofit press release template

Nonprofit press release template

Press releases are used to inform the public about important happenings within your organization. They inform on your successes, new leadership, or facility changes that programs have undergone. While press releases are used as formal statements to the public, they are also great tools to use when trying to find media contacts. Having good media contacts can build an even stronger relationship with the community. We’ve built this nonprofit template to include the style and points you need to use to make an impact!

2. Annual Report Template

nonprofit annual report template

Nonprofit Annual Report Template

An annual report is one of the most important pieces of content your organization is going to distribute throughout the entire year. Annual reports display your mission, your message, and how the data your nonprofit collected over the past year fits into them. Annual reports use a mix of stories, data, and visual aids to help prove and explain the impact your organization has had on your constituents throughout the year. Your annual report will be widely distributed to a variety of different audiences, so it’s important that all of your information is as clear, and digestible, as possible. Our Annual Report includes several cover variations and instructions on how to best tell your story!

3. Infographic Template

nonprofit data visualization infographic template

Infographic Template

The use of infographics has been rising significantly in the nonprofit space. Nonprofits have been urged to get more creative in the way they present their data, so the introduction of infographics have been an effective way to show impact in an easily understandable way. Data visualization drives home the point – that your stories can be backed up with data. People respond well to stories, especially when it is supported by data. As you’re making your infographic, make sure to call out the statistics and stories that prove your impact the most. This template explains how to display this data and provides assets and links to assets that you can use to make stunning infographics.

4. Board Slide Deck Template

nonprofit board slide deck template

Board Slide Deck Template for Nonprofits

This piece of your data presentation should be more formal. The goal of a board slide deck should be to maximize the value you get from the information you are providing them while minimizing the amount of time you spend preparing and explaining it to them. In this medium, it’s important to display your successes AND the areas your organization can improve on going forward. The board has a vested interest in the longevity of your organization, so this is your chance to be open and honest with the nonprofit data you’ve collected.

The way you display your nonprofit data is important. With these nonprofit templates, your organization can save time building and showing the important data that you’ve gathered over the entire year to your various audiences. Download our tool kit now to get our templates to prove your impact!

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