Help and Support

One reason our software for
non-profits is so good

Social Solutions offers a world-class, award-winning customer service model that fits the needs of all non-profits, including social service/healthcare providers, advocacy projects, environmental support organizations, animal rescue, and support programs and programs for the arts. Social Solutions also provides special tools for United Ways, Jewish Federations, and Foundations of all types.

In all of the above non-profit arenas, Social Solutions has domain experts on staff that will provide ongoing support and training – we understand your non-profit and will act as partners in your mission success. All Social Solutions products are designed to be easily used by non-technical social service staff and volunteers.

Will Social Solutions’ staff help our organizations staff and volunteers in how to use our new Social Solutions Software?
Yes, we provide ongoing and ever-changing webinars for various aspects of user training at no additional costs for any Social Solutions product. Social Solutions Software Centers provide customers access to the training and best practice videos, a robust Help Center with comprehensive product documentation, helpful tip sheets, and sample forms. Plus, on-going technical and general support are available for all customers.

Does Social Solutions provide service and support?
Social Solutions provides ongoing support and service 9:00a – 5:00p (CST) Monday through Friday, with one-on-one telephone support service available through Service Packages.

If my organization grows, can Apricot be expand to support our new data needs, and how does this affect our Pricing?
Apricot is a flexible, robust tool with full access to a variety of database design and management tools. These include a Form Designer, Report Builder, User Management and Access Control tools, Data Import Manager, an in-house File Sharing tool, and more! There is no limit to the number of forms, records, or reports that can be created within your Apricot, however additional user seats will require a price increase.

What happens if my organization wants to move old client records to a Social Solutions software product?
It is almost always possible to transfer data from an old database to your new Apricot via provided import/export tools. Your Apricot Implementation Specialist will help you decide if you want to transfer data, what specific data you want to transfer and give you a bid on the additional cost of data transfer – bids are only relevant if you wish to receive assistance in data transfer from a Social Solutions staff person, rather than transferring the data with provided tools, for which training is provided.

What if my organization is directed to use one or more on- or off-line database programs for data collection and reporting? Can we migrate new data to or from Social Solutions Software?
It is almost always possible to migrate data from one or more databases into your new Apricot using the Data Import tool. Your Apricot Implementation Specialist will analyze your current database systems and determine the best and most economical way to move data on an ongoing basis. There is an extra charge for data migration services if not using the Apricot Data Import tool.

What happens if employees leave and new staff members need access to Apricot?
Your System Administrator can delete, add or change access at any time. Your Implementation Specialist can train you on this process during implementation.

What if different employees or sites need different levels of security access (i.e., there are some records only certain employees are allowed to see and that must be protected from organization-wide view)?
Apricot provides different levels of security for different types of users. Your Apricot System Administrator has the Access Control tools necessary to set (or change) access levels for each staff member or volunteer. Access can be set on the form level or on the record level, depending on the needs of the organization.