Social Solutions Services: serving our customers and our community.

One of Social Solutions’ core goals is to empower our customers and community with the tools and “know-how” they need to be successful and adaptive as their programs, initiatives or endeavors evolve. Dedication, support and knowledge at the customer and community level enable everyone to deliver more mission® and help nonprofits everywhere serve more people with every hour, program and dollar.

Social Solutions Customer Services and Training

Social Solutions Customer Service includes Implementation, Customer Care and Technical Support; each offer customizable and flexible packages, à la carte plans, dedicated training and even onsite options to make sure you never feel left behind and you are always able to get exactly what you need. Social Solutions is dedicated to making your Apricot Nonprofit Software a positive and rewarding experience for you and the people you serve. Click the link below to read more about our weekly webinars and bi-annual ACE training events.

Training and Support

Social Solutions Community Services and Learning

Located in Austin, Texas, with space for 50 people, the Apricot Nonprofit Insight Center is a place to learn, share and grow as a community. We bring together nonprofit organization speakers, consultants, leaders and community influencers to help area nonprofits grow and thrive. For more information on our training events, please visit the events calendar.

Nonprofit Insight Center