Apricot for Case Management

Apricot for Case Management,
the ready-to-use case management system

Hosted entirely online with client information easily accessible all in one place, Apricot for Case Management helps you implement best practices and monitor service delivery to ensure program and individual case management goals are met.

This pre-configured software solution gives case managers the information they need to help their clients reach their goals toward self-sufficiency. It supports assessment, service planning, intervention, and coordination, and includes reports that case managers can use to monitor incremental progress to ensure program-wide success.



From individual service planning, to progress notes and goal tracking, Apricot’s out-of-the-box case management solution makes it easy to implement best practices to help ensure your participants are receiving quality services and achieving positive outcomes.

Powerful Case Management for Your Nonprofit

As a health and human services nonprofit organization, agency or program, you need an easy way to prove that you are making an impact on your clients’ lives. You need a way to measure every effort, every program, dollar and hour.

Apricot for Case Management is a powerful, yet easy-to-use web-based nonprofit software – a flexible and robust data tracking and reporting system that helps measure how you are delivering your mission. At the end of the day, what matters is that you are improving the lives of others, tracking what you need, collaborating with ease and proving impact for continuous funding and donation support. Apricot is here to help you do all this – and more – with ease.

The online application intake process developed using Apricot provided the technology to help the agency provide improved reporting for clients served…

Jerry Bluitt, Former Director of Program Development
Houston Area Urban League (HAUL)

Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri

Case Study

We started using Apricot Software in 2004, and I had a dual role of Quality Improvement and Database Manager. We started with our strongest case management programs and spent the next two years or so using trial and error to determine the best strategies for getting data in and pulling reports out.

An Intuitive, Adaptable Case Management Database

apricot03Designed for and founded on case management principals, Apricot for Case Management intuitively adapts to your organization’s processes. Whether you need to customize a report with drag and drop fields, prevent record duplication, link individuals to family records, schedule appointments, create or publish release forms, process service referrals, implement or plan for goals, or handle program enrollment, Apricot has you covered. Apricot for Case Management also includes built-in progress evaluation and outcomes reporting.

Usability and Security: When and How You Need It

apricot01_0We understand that duty calls, and sometimes it calls you away from the office. Our tools are accessible to case workers and other service providers in the office – at home or in the field – all while providing the highest level of data security and HIPAA compliance. Form and record level security access permissions ensure that all staff and volunteers see only necessary client data, so you can rest assured that your agency is in compliance with state and federal regulations. Convenience and complete security – Apricot for Case Management makes it possible.