Immigration Software

Report on Immigration Outcomes, Prove Impact

Hundreds of thousands of refugees, immigrants, and migrants enter the United States each year looking for a better life. With a variety of multicultural and multilingual programs, immigration services offer these new and future citizens support during the long process of adjusting to their new surroundings and becoming active participants in their communities. Apricot immigration software supports the work of many immigration support agencies across the US, Canada and the UK.


Secure and Affordable Immigration Database

Social service professionals and volunteers who provide immigration related services offer a wide range of programs to refugees and other immigrants to help them become self-sufficient members of their communities. The Apricot immigration database solution assists these important organizations through secure and affordable tracking and reporting of services and successful outcomes for immigrants and their family members.

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Apricot Supports Immigration Services Such As:

  • Cash Assistance Programs
  • Child Care and Preschools
  • Education Programs
  • Employment & Job Training
  • Energy and Utility Assistance
  • Financial Programs
  • Food Programs
  • Health Care
  • Homelessness Programs
  • Housing Programs
  • Legal Assistance
  • Tax Credits
  • Transportation Services


Prove Immigration Services Impact

Immigration support services outcomes are a high priority. Social Solutions has designed Apricot Software to enable immigration organization best practices in design, implementation and technology tools for outcomes-based service delivery. Apricot tracking and reporting is completely flexible, providing the outcome and impact modules you require, avoiding ineffective ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions to the immigration service outcomes challenge. Social Solutions offers a variety of Apricot Software case management and immigrations service impact reporting solutions, including implementation, training, and consulting services, all based on your organization’s specific needs and goals.